Wintergatan Performs ‘All Was Well’ With DIY Music Box and Hybrid Modular Synth/Violin

Swedish Band Wintergatan shared a new video featuring two new custom electroacoustic instruments.

The instruments, created by Wintergatan’s Martin Molin, include:

  • The Music Box – a electro-mechanical music box that uses a punched strip to sequence the notes; and
  • The Modulin – a hybrid modular synthesizer violin.

The video captures a live performance, filmed in on take, using the two instruments. 

The audio is available on Bandcamp:

Here’s a video documenting the build on the Music Box:

“I have named this instrument ‘The Modulin’ because i see it as a mix of a MODular syntheseiser and a vioLIN – MODULIN,” notes Molin. “We will film more videos to explain how it works. I am also building a version 2.0 of this Modulin for stability, it is very cobbled together at this stage and it has broken down on us on stage several times.”

See the Wintergatan site for more info.

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8 thoughts on “Wintergatan Performs ‘All Was Well’ With DIY Music Box and Hybrid Modular Synth/Violin

  1. How awesome is this?
    If you talk about commitment to an arrangement, actually physically punching it in a physical object really makes a statement IMHO.

  2. …this is it.
    Wintergardan´s Marble Maschine was already impressive, and so is the Music Box and the MODULIN.
    The MODULIN is so good…i love this idea!
    I am sure this will inspire some people to think out of the box (case) how to play a modular eurorack synthesizer…looking forward to see more stuff like that.

    1. Cheap Japanese headphones from the 70s/80s. Sold under a few names (which I can’t recall). I have a couple pairs. They sound pretty bad and are kind of uncomfortable. They look great though!

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