Live Performance With Grand Piano & Roland Jupiter 6

Sunday Synth Jam: Reader Timo Loosli shared this performance video, capturing a live performance on grand piano & Roland Jupiter 6 of his track, Ascent.

Here’s what he has to say about the performance:

“I’m a long-time reader of Synthopia and always enjoy the various live videos you post. It really inspired me to do something as well.

As most of my tracks are arranged very epic and cinematic, I wanted to try something different and did a live version of „Ascent“ using only a 120 years old grand piano, a Jupiter 6 and a Strymon reverb. Everything was done live in one take, no overdubs – hope you like it!”

The track is available as a free download via his SoundCloud page or via the embed below:

9 thoughts on “Live Performance With Grand Piano & Roland Jupiter 6

  1. Magnificent! What I’ve noticed about pieces like this (and Frahm, and Joplin, and Satie) is that they appear at first to be deceptively simple, until you attempt them yourself. Sometimes I think simplicity takes more mastery, in which case I’ve got a ways to go. I’m sure this took a while to work up. After all the time I spend in ProTools and Logic, Its refreshing to hear a linear performance that is both synthetic and organic.

  2. I used to own JP-6.
    Bought it new in the late 1990’s for quite a cheap price then sold it for much cheaper to a pawn shop in early 2000’s.
    I took it for granted then and did not take it seariously.

    Regret that not :-/

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