Make Noise 0-Coast + Moog Mother-96 Synth Jam

Sunday Synth Jam: Reader Jon Barbieri, aka Rheyne, shared this video, capturing a synth patch using a Make Noise 0-Coast and 3x Moog Mother-32 synths.

You can download the full track via the embed below or via the Rheyne Soundcloud page. The entire track is close to 6 minutes. The portion used for the video starts at around 3 minutes:

Technical Details:

Reverb from a TC Hall of Fame, and delay from a Roland Demora. No MIDI was used – all notes are from the Mother-32 sequencers, and all modulations are from the synths.

Audio is directly from the mixer and is in-sync with the vid.


9 thoughts on “Make Noise 0-Coast + Moog Mother-96 Synth Jam

  1. While technically flawless, is it only me who finds Rheyne’s output dull? I’d really like him to wow me with some electro ‘punk, noise and rock n roll’!

  2. Yes Rheyne, let’s hear some vibrancy and life in your music. You have all the gear in the world that I probably will never have in my lifetime. Use it. Put some crunch into your slowish usual performance. Let there be the occasional fire.

  3. I really enjoy his music and this demo is wonderfully warm. That said – I think he may take you up on that challenge as it is a good constructive critique. It doesn’t hurt to vary your style / sound now and then.

  4. I don’t know how much and what gear Rheyne has, and I really don’t care very much. Haven’t heard the complete track on soundcloud yet.
    Can only say that I like the audio result in this video very much. It is clean, deep and entertaining. It is not very hard to listen to while being non-trivial at the same time. Thanks for sharing.

  5. to answer some other posters, i don’t find this at all dull, i hear some nice melodic variation (ymmv). also, i can hear this as the kind of sound bed that’s not just the under-layer for other instruments over the top (or to the sides), but a really nice modal counter-melody as well.
    very minimal, in a very good way. i’m considering how to get hold of a 0-coast, and now i’m thinking a bit harder.
    nice work!

  6. I am noticing the Mother 32 sound has a distinct and recognizable quality to it.
    Enjoyed this patch and hope to hear more from this artist.

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