52 thoughts on “New Behringer Analogue Synthesizer (Sneak Preview)

  1. I hope it’s not ANOTHER mono synth! 🙂 Poly would be interesting, cheap is Behringer’s recipe. So a cheap 5 octave polysynth like a Juno 60 with some extra OSC features for $799 would be killer!

    1. Exactly. Freak me out major league when I saw it. I was sure my browser was pissed again. I loved the old design. This one has no borders and is disorientating 🙁

    2. I like it except for the giant, blank 160 pixel margins that pop in the sides for any window size above 540. Color is easy on the eyes, font is nice, but the trend towards vast amounts of whitespace in sites is not a good thing.

  2. The audio demo in the video sounds fantastic! They have obviously hijacked a Juno control surface layout.

    Getting very excited for this.

  3. Betcha it’s a poly – that’ll be the surprise for the third teaser or reveal. The kids that were tinkering were probably told not to press more than one key.

    Looks like they’ve crossed a Juno with Minimoog wheels, possibly the mother was a Yamaha SK.

    We shall soon see!

    1. I’ve been listening to see if they’d ever play more than one note at a time in the audio we’ve heard thus far, but so far it’s all monophonic.

      With the Korg Minilogue, they showed those five separate cores for each voice of polyphony. I can see Behringer deciding to keep it simple & cheap.

  4. I’m gonna guess it’s a mono, though I’d love a new poly out there. It already sounds better than the MatrixBrute, so that’s a major bonus (though we really haven’t heard much from that thing).

  5. And as dumbed down as the “analog” button looked in the first video, man, it wouldn’t be dumb if there was a digital, fm, or something else bottom to send through the filters

  6. Interesting, but waiting for more info.
    Some years back Behringer was in the race with Korg on buying the name of ARP and re-issuing the Odyssey. From the little we see and some more, fortunately, we hear in this teaser that race turned out good, meaning:
    1. Nothing agains the ARP Odyssey at all, but Korg’s re-issue should have offered far more add-ons, like programmability, for the price.
    2. Most important, to me anyway, is that some of the sounds from this teaser indicate this new instrument has strong sonic character of its own, along with being capable of more conventional analog sounds.
    You’ve got me teased Behringer!

    1. KORG bought the Arp name in the late 80’s. There was never any race for the name with Beheinger. Your confusing me it with the fact that Behringer were going to bring out a clone of the Odyssey, which they’ve obviously ditched.

      1. “KORG bought the Arp name in the late 80’s.”

        Actually the Arp trademark expired when it was not renewed subsequent to their 1981 bankruptcy and liquidation. Rhodes purchased some of their intellectual property, but not the name.

        33 years later, Korg registered it as a new trademark in February 2014 when they decided to clone the Odyssey. Korg did not pay anyone or ask permission for this since the trademark was not owned by anyone at that time. It was free for the taking by anyone who could show they had used the design in interstate trade.

  7. IDK, but teaser videos always leave me like… “What are you afraid of, nothing new, not enough meat and potatoes to hold audience interest.? ” Especially when backed up by “Since this guy loves it, you will too.” frames.

    I’m not holding my breathe forever.

  8. Filter sounds like 4 pole OTA, which would be expensive for a poly (why Roland made custom chips, and the CEMs existed), if anything it’s likely paraphonic

    1. Agreed – and 4 is an unusually large quantity of octaves for a monosynth. Either they couldn’t shorten up the front panel (so they added keys to fill the width of the instrument), or it is a poly.

      It’s too early to form an opinion, obviously, but so far I don’t really like the sound very much. It’s harsh or something around 3k. Of course it could just be the video, or any number of things – like maybe it was processed through a Behringer EQ.

  9. Interesting. Behringer synth and Yamaha mixer in the background. They don’t trust their own mixers to represent the synth? Maybe it’s a good sign:)

  10. If it is a poly, it might only have one VCO like the Junos, as our favoured producer states that it “sounds” as if it has two oscillators in sync. That would be a bizarre thing for him to say if it was indeed what he was looking at and hearing.

  11. It “sounds” as if it has two oscillators in sync. Does that suggest its a poly synth with a unison mode that syncs the oscillators?

      1. But its got a ‘sync’ button. So what is it syncing if its only one oscillator? Therefore, could it be syncing the four oscillators of a 4 voice poly when in unison mode?

  12. Can’t wait for teaser videos die.

    Just tell us about it when it’s available. The longer people have to wait, the more disappointed they are when it comes out and doesn’t live up to the dumb hype you created.

  13. I doubt that it has osc sync. The sync button was for the arpeg/sequencer linked to the LFOs. My suggestion is the following spec:
    6-voice analog poly, single VCO (actually DCO of course, with some clever waveshaping/modulation options to create a broader palette of sounds), VCF, 2 LFOs with routing to PWM, arpeggiator with LFO / ext MIDI sync, 4-octave velocity and mono aftertouch keyboard, 3x ADSR with modulation routings to VCF/pitch/VCA, plus digital FX from TC acquisition, and motorised faders (taken from mixer products).

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