Overview & Demo Of ‘Jack & Jill’, A 2-Channel MIDI Note Generator

Engineer & musician Nebojsa Petrovic (n3bsvid) shared this video demo for ‘Jack & Jill’ – a two-channel MIDI note generator.

“This is an overview and demo of a little project I completed recently called ‘Jack & Jill’,” says Petrovic. “It’s a hardware 2 channel improvisor and MIDI note generator quantized to musical scales.”

Technical Details:

Jack & Jill connected computer via MIDI. Ableton Live is running TAL Bassline 101 on channel 1 and Native Instruments Massive on channel 2.

Or, as Petrovic explains it, “Jack is sequencing the bassline and Jill is sequencing Massive.”

7 thoughts on “Overview & Demo Of ‘Jack & Jill’, A 2-Channel MIDI Note Generator

  1. I like this a lot. Sync option, unquantized mode option would be cool. Also it would be very cool if you will put this up for sale 🙂

  2. Hey guys, thanks for the comments and thanks for sharing the video! I’m surprised and flattered by how many people have asked to purchase it!

    I can’t promise anything too soon but I’m definitely looking into seeing if I can sell a small batch of these. I still have to figure out how to bundle it into an enclosure and test it a bit more to make sure it’s solid and bug free.

    Geir: It’s already able to sync via external MIDI clock (I just haven’t demo’d it in that video). An unquantized mode is a cool idea, let me think of a way I can squeeze that in. I just worry that it would be too random otherwise and not very musical. But it’s worth a shot.

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