Fairlight Puts Its Audio Technology Business Up For Sale

Fairlight-logoAustralian technology development company Fairlight.AU, best known for its professional audio products, has announced that it is actively seeking a buyer for its Professional Audio technology.

Fairlight says that it is seeking ‘to enter into discussions with organizations that wish to leverage its professional audio technologies to augment their offerings and enhance their competitive positions in this rapidly evolving market. It is anticipated that with the level of interest for the technologies that offer the potential of a key strategic advantage as part of a larger portfolio, it should not be long before a transaction is complete.”

The company plans to focus its efforts on its patented picture key work surface technology, which it licenses to manufacturers of interactive tactile equipment.

7 thoughts on “Fairlight Puts Its Audio Technology Business Up For Sale

    1. The PVI CMI 30A uses Fairlight AU’s CC-1 Crystal Core media processor. Fairlight AU’s plan to sell their audio technology to another company could potentially affect the availability of this key component of the 30A – assuming the CMI is still being produced by Peter Vogel Instruments.

  1. Wow, that’s pretty amazing. I’ve either stepped into the twilight zone or fallen into a parallel universe where Fairlight didn’t go out of business more than a quarter century ago. What is going on!

  2. I guess selling decades old tech as extremely overpriced iPad apps wasn’t the cracking business model they expected it to be.

    1. Fairlight AU and Peter Vogel Instruments are different companies but you’re not wrong about the overpriced app.

  3. he’d be swimming in millions, if not at least hundred thousands if he had not been so stubborn on the iPad app. years ago, it should have become so much more.

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