Switched On Beethoven, For Two Meeblip Synths & An Access Virus

Sunday Synth Jam: This video, via Jeremy Leaird-Koch, captures his switched-on style classitronica arrangement of the 2nd Movement of Beethoven’s String Trio in E flat major, performed on 2 Meeblip SE synths and an Access Virus A.

Technical Details:

MIDI running out of Ableton into a Behringer BCR 2000, spit to the individual instruments.

Mixed live into a Mackie 1202-VLZ, with a Behringer RV600 for reverb and a Behringer EM600 for delay.

via LineOfControl

9 thoughts on “Switched On Beethoven, For Two Meeblip Synths & An Access Virus

    1. What happened to MeeBlip, indeed! We actually only have been sold out on MeeBlip anode for a couple of months, but we’re also chomping at the bit to get some new stuff out there again.

      And we have some plans. New things very soon – we’ll announce via our Facebook page:
      — where actually right now we’re encouraging people to send us more tracks!

      And of course on Twitter https://twitter.com/meeblip

      and we’ll make sure Synthtopia knows what we’re up to! Thanks for posting this; we got a kick out of this track for sure!

      1. Good to hear.

        I like my Anode quite a bit….it sounds oddly awesome layered with an ESQ-1.

        Also cant thumbs you…….

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