New Polivoks Synthesizer – First Images


Images of the Polivoks synthesizer reissue are now available via a new website,

The reissued Polivoks is a compact keyboardless version of the original. Here’s an image of the new synth versus an original:


Additional images show the connection options and the new Polivoks circuit board:

polivoks-synth-back polivoks-synth polvoks-inside

We posted earlier this year about the first demos of the new Polivoks.

Details on specifications, pricing and availability for the new Polivoks synthesizer are to be announced.

via Andreas Markusen

17 thoughts on “New Polivoks Synthesizer – First Images

  1. This is exactly the synth format im after.
    Sans key, compact with knob per function.
    Pretty certain im getting this.

    Hats off for the immaculate aesthetic.
    beautiful layout and unabashed soviet looks.

    1. Check out the Ericasynth stuff, they have a complete DIY kit to make a polivoks in eurorack. (they also have 4 different version of the filter!)
      The Harvestman also has a range of polivoks modules.

  2. Looks awesome! Although I hope they don’t actually print a QR code on the front of the final version. That’s a bit strange.

    1. The problem with a kit is that the maker has to organize and package the parts and provide detailed assembly instructions and support when things go wrong — it’s probably just as expensive for them, yet customers will expect a 40% discount.

      1. So be it.
        On the photo it says “100%handcrafted and made”.
        So therefore in this case with no mass-production.used, it would save the developer a lot of man-hour time.

        Instructions / manual for assembly should only be a 1-off document, with minimal editing.

        As for support for home DIY’ers – with the time the developers saves on assembly, he could operate an online forum for all user iput.

    1. Damn…really?

      That would be an insane price for this.

      You could buy 3 originals from Russia or Latvia shipped for that.

      The full Erica is about 500.

      1. That was pretty much the sentiment people had.
        There is an older thread on synthtopia mentioning the first batch being 2k and the subsequent ones 2.5k. Im on vacation and using ipad but pretty sure i got it right.
        Id like a synth with unique character and smaller footprint but i can get mad gear for 2.5 grand these days.
        Economy is a harsh mistress.

        1. Indeed it is.

          I have my Erica full voice Polivoks that I built and it is excellent.

          Highly recommended for anyone into DIY Euro.

          I probably mention that waaay too much….

          1. Actually your comment made me look up erica stuff and i will be getting atleast the acid thingie if not the whole system.
            Thanks for the tip.

  3. what a beautiful synth! i will buy it just for of how it looks. i hope it will also be very expensive so many people will be piss off and will not buy it 🙂

    never cared about the sound of synths, i just want something others don’t have 🙂

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