Wicked Lasers Intros $199 LaserDock Home Laser Show System

Wicked Lasers has introduced LaserDock – a $199 home laser show system.

The system combines low-power laser system with 100 music visualizers. 

The LaserDock is a 1W RGB Laser Projector, with a LaserDock Dongle built-in. All you need a Mac, PC, or Android device and that’s it. It works with OSX 10.6+, PC (Windows 7+, 1GHz, 2GB of RAM) and Android (Android 4.4+).

The laser image size will be a 2 to 3.3 meter square, at a 3 to 5 meter projection range, respectively.

Here’s a demo of how it works:

LaserDock production is being financed via an IndieGoGo campaign, which has already reached its goal.

via Steve Liu

17 thoughts on “Wicked Lasers Intros $199 LaserDock Home Laser Show System

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  2. Wicked Lasers makes some nice, if pricey, products. I’ve had experience with several of their 1-Watt lasers, and am part of this campaign as well. However, I don’t think this video does ANYTHING to make people want to buy it. How juvenile.

  3. Biggest downside is that where you mount the laser may be more than a dongle’s length away from your laptop. Possibly you can buy an extension cable to go between the box and dongle?

  4. Only safe if never projected at an audience at typical home distances, only ever onto a wall or ceiling where the audience have no direct risk of being exposed between the projector and wall.

    1W of laser is definitely not low powered and from a typical home distance of a couple of meters to a directly exposed audience member will produce an exposure of over 250 times the internationally recognised eye safe level. Indirect viewing only

  5. Where can I buy the laserdock set from and what would be the cost. I am very interested in purchasing this for my kid parties.

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