Roland Boutique Synths Updated With MIDI CC Support


Roland has released updates for its Boutique synthesizers – adding much-requested support for MIDI CC control.

The short-throw faders on the Boutique synths can make it difficult to do finely-controlled patch editing. The update means that the Boutiques can now transmit and receive parameter changes using MIDI CC messages. 

Version 1.10 is available now for each of the Boutique synths:

If you’ve updated your Boutique synth, leave a comment and let us know how it is working for you!

via Sean Hanni

42 thoughts on “Roland Boutique Synths Updated With MIDI CC Support

  1. I applied the update to my JX-03 and am still not getting MIDI from the parameter knobs or switches. Am I missing something?

    1. There is a manual supplement that shows you how to enable the Midi CC out feature from the unit… it can transmit on either or both USB and Midi

    1. The Ju-06 ( Juno 06 etc) IS a polyphonic Sh101. the Juno which is what the Ju06 emulates was basically a polyphonic version of the Sh101 engine. The synthesis architecture is the same. Just compare the controls minus the chorus. You can easily juice 101 sounds out of it by copying the controls settings.

      1. Hi Joe, the SH101 has separate volume controls for all waveforms, and sub oscillator has three different modes. the Oscillator is also a VCO, not a DCO like on the Juno 106 synth. They don’t sound quite the the same, but both sound good 😉

  2. i bought the keyboard trying to pass the midi out through an arduino midi filter (octave switching and monophonic microtonal re-tune) back into midi in. it was a very strange pseudo-working but not enough to be useful (something that works wonderfully with NovationUltraNova – even with local keys not yet disabled). hopefully, it will be a little more useful after the upgrade.

  3. Instead of a midi upgrade, they should have just produced a 61 key version with normal size sliders and knobs and 8 voices. These sound really good, but it is like playing a toy… Roland you suck

    1. Uhh. This is a software update that current owners will appreciate. Nothing sucks about it at all.

      Perhaps they will introduce a full-sized version of these synths, but it will only happen if there is demand for it.

  4. These little boxes sound great. I wish they had been more bold with the hardware implementation. I personally would have paid more if the boxes themselves were larger, had proper audio outs and proper DIN midi as opposed to these hinky little proprietary adapters, as well as the same polyphony as the originals. I think they’re really onto something with their software; they need to match it now with substantial hardware. To me, that would be exciting.

    1. I don’t think so. The Alpha Junos (and Juno 106) respond to different Roland SysEx data, not standard MIDI CC data (other than volume, pitchbend and modulation). So, you would still need a PG-300 or some kind of compatible hardware controller (or software-based editor) to tweak the Alpha Juno.

    2. The JU-06 has the same voice arame tears as a Juno-106. Even if the Alpha Juno accepted MIDI CC control of parameters (which it does not), the parameters themselves are quite different from the 106.

  5. Hi there, I’ve made a simple sound demo of all of my upgraded boutique synths with midi CC recorded, in Ableton live on Soundcloud.
    Look for jocks13 on Soundcloud. To use 4 boutique synths together with my sound card in Windows 7, I use the ASIO4All drivers.
    I also use USB cable to all the synths, via a plexgear 7-port USB Hub. Remenber that each synth require 500mA, so that hub only support up to 4 synths. I get some crackle noise now and then, but I simply open&close the ASIO4All setup, to fix it.

  6. Update does not work for me.
    I updated with the Roland file into the JU-08. JU-08 showed the update progress on the display and then showed “OK.” Followed the rest of the instructions for the update in disconnecting and turning off the unit on mac.

    The controller I’m trying to use is a M-audio version 3 of their 49 key controller. It is only a midi out via usb so the controller is going into a Kenton midi host and then into the JU-08 via a standard midi 5 pin cable. I get keys, pitch and mod wheel as always, but none of the sliders or other knobs are controlling anything on the JU-08. Any thoughts on why this might be?

  7. Hi:
    Has anyone mapped the CC#’s for each knob/ slider on the boutique units. The midi control is working for a number of functions but not all. I have updated all three units. Any help would be appreciated.


  8. Loving my new JU-06, a bit unsure about upgrading to the new version if anyone can assist. I’ve downloaded the update.BIN file and the instructions are as follows;
    Open the “JU-06” drive folder in your personal computer.
    Copy BQ_UPD.BIN in the “boutique_sys_111” folder into the “JU-06” drive by dragging and dropping it.

    I don’t have a JU-06 drive folder on my computer, do I just create one on the C drive root?

  9. Wish somebody had answered the last question, I’m having the exact same issue. WHAT JP-08 folder on my computer? Where? Application Support? nope…

    1. Hi David,
      After installing the driver of your Boutique synth, in my case (JX-03), hold down the Patch (2) and then turn on the power after that connect your usb cable to your computer, wait for a second and your synth window will pop up!


  10. David & Tony,

    In case you didn’t already get your solution, a “JU-06” folder should appear on your computer after you plug in the JU-06 to your computer via USB (like happens with a USB memory stick.) Then continue with the instructions using that folder.

  11. Can I use these as a midi keyboard to control another synth? I see they all have midi out. Does that mean I can control another synth with them? Or perhaps use it to double as my computers midi keyboard?

  12. Hey,

    I just downloaded the JP-08 new driver and updated the setting on the JP-08 – still not having any luck. I’ve turned on the midi cc settings.

    Will this CC automation only be done via midi cables and can it be done by USB too?


  13. Right. After a few hours – I’ve just got it to work on the JP-08! Woooooop.

    [1] Firstly I updated the driver. Just doing this didn’t make it work.

    [2] Then I checked what ‘System program’ my JP-08 had – I didn’t even have one. So I needed to download one onto the JP-08… details here:

    [2] Then once I had done this, I had to change my settings on the JP-08 so that it sent both midi + cc data to my mac. Details on how to do this here under ‘midi output setup’:


    [4] Follow the steps in this video to set the JP-08 up as an external instrument device in Ableton:

    [5] Begin automating parameters in Ableton midi clips and have a lot of fun!

    [6] If you then program some midi notes and want to record and capture the filter movement from the JP-08 so it’s recorded in Ableton. You need to activate the track with the JP-08 on as an external instrument. Then ensure midi overdub is on – little icon with two circular dots by record button. Then there will be a record button that looks like a hollow circle! Not to be mistaken with the normal record which will record over your midi data if you activate this. not what you want. Voila. You have recorded CC data and you can now tweak it in Ableton!



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