Arturia MatrixBrute Hands-On Demo, With Synth Designer Yves Usson

Synth designer Yves Usson – one of the designers of Arturia’s Brute series of synthesizer – shared this series of videos, exploring the sound possibilities of the new MatrixBrute synthesizer.

Here’s his summary for the first video, above:

First test : 3 oscillators sawtooth waveform, successive test of the Lowpass Steiner filter in 12dB then 24dB; of the Lowpass Ladder filter in 12dB then 24dB. I am no musician therefore show leniency for my bad playing and lack of inspiration.

This is direct recording (no effect) with a Tascam Portastudio 2488 MkII that I tried to synchronize the best I could with the video.

The next video explores Berlin School style sequencing with the Arturia MatrixBrute:

Usson describes the next video as “Unstructured soundscape, just having fun tweaking knobs…”:

The next video is a demonstration of the Split Mode: the keyboard is divided in two halves, the left side is used to transpose the arpeggiator, while the right is used to play leads.

This is direct recording, internal BBD stereo echo, no post-processing:

The next video is a demonstration of the Split Mode: the keyboard is divided in two halves, the left side is used to transpose the sequencer while the right is used to play leads.

This is direct recording, internal BBD stereo echo, no post-processing:

You can see more of Usson’s work at his site, Yusynth.

Pricing and Availability

The Arturia MatrixBrute is available for pre-order with a street price of about US $2,000. See the Arturia site for more info.

31 thoughts on “Arturia MatrixBrute Hands-On Demo, With Synth Designer Yves Usson

  1. Admittedly, I’ve had four Budwiesers and I’m listening through my iPad, but damn, this thing sounds really good! Finally, some decent demos of what this thing actually sounds like. Sadly, considering their questionable reputation regarding build quality and the recently revealed shockingly low pricing on the DM12, this might be a tough sell at $2k.. That said, I love my MiniBrute and BeatStep Pro, and I’ll be willing to shell out the cash if this puppy continues to impress..

    1. I’m really liking Arturias passion for their creations. And these demos really let you listen to the instrument, all other (behringer) companies should take note – less talk more action.

  2. The more I listen to the MaxiBrute, the more I feel something is missing.

    I know its comparing apples to oranges, but with DeepMind12 just around the corner, for the amount of money a MaxiBrute costs, I feel it should do a lot more. Maybe I’m just not a fan of mono-synths but when you consider the price of DeepMind12 is half that and sounds WAY nicer, it doesn’t feel right to pay that kind of money for a 1 voice synth, regardless of how cool that modulation matrix is.

    I never thought I’d say this but Behringer is changing the game… jesus christ on a crutch.

  3. to be fair, i think we need to wait and see what the DM12 sounds like not drenched in effects. We’ve only gotten to hear it a couple of times briefly without tons of chorus, reverb, etc. I’ve used a casio MT-100 with a big sky and it sounded amazing…just saying we all should wait for a proper review.

    That said, I wasn’t a fan of the maxibrute, but these videos actually do it a bit of justice, i think.

    1. I’m gonna tell you now, the Deepmind will be weak sounding on it’s own and require use of the onboard effects for most sounds.

  4. Actually, the DeepMind is a very limited synth soundwise compared to this, or in fact any other actual decent monosynths out there. True, it can do 12 voices at a time, but it can only do saw and square waveforms and only one type of filtering. Architecturally, it’s just an updated Roland Juno from the 80’s.

    Basically it’s good for 12 voice 80’s pads and arps.

    It’s a “Limahl synth”. A very good “Limahl synth”, but still a “Limahl synth”.

    1. I think you could replace Deep Mind 12 with every synth that has been released in your statement. It’s a godsend, then, like, OMG, it sucks. A measured reaction to news is not Synthtopia readers’ forte. I think the DM12 will be a great synth for a 19 year old just starting out. I don’t think it will do your laundry for you.

  5. I’m not in the market for a top end monosynth, but I think the ingenious parameter matrix/sequencer could easily sell for £600 on its own , making the actual synth price a little cheaper? than sub37 or dominion 1 .

  6. I was on the fence regarding MatrixBrute until I saw these videos. Now I can finally see the appeal. For step sequencing and sound design, the matrix is amazing. I want one! By comparison, the sound quality of DeepMind leaves me cold. If I were in the market for a polysynth, I would prefer the hi-fi sheen of an OB-6 or Prophet 6. You get what you pay for.

  7. I think it sounds really nice in the videos. If it were polyphonic, I’d be tempted. But as it stands, I have enough monophonic synths.

  8. For anyone looking for a distinctive sound, this would be a great choice! For a hobbyist or cover band shopping for a price, get a DM-12.

  9. I think the Matrixbrute will be like the evolver for many. Few demos will ever do it justice, but it will take you to magical, swirling places that few other synths can. I can’t say whether I’ll buy one or not, but I’m really glad it exists.

    Oh, and comparing this to the Deepmind is absurd. The only thing they have in common is that you can’t buy them yet. Seriously – they’re not even remotely supposed to fill the same niche.

  10. Finally – this thing sounds great! I think it’s more geared to modular fans than general “polysynth”-ers. Different animal really.

    1. Most of the people that think they need a polysynth, won’t even know what to do with one.

      It just a more osc, filters, whatever is better thing.

  11. i didnt know this did paraohony [triophony?]

    this is my type of synth. lots of modulation options to get lost in. deepmind is nice and wicked for what it does, but if moneys wasnt an issue i would get this.

    maybe i could just save for 2yrs and get one! hehe.

    1. I’m saving slowly, as this thing will need to be proven in the field for around a year before I’m buying in. I base this on having gone through 2 BSPs that were both f’d up

  12. It’s about time they released videos for this machine that make it desirable. Every other demo video I watched totally sucked. The Berlin-style sequencing video is very nice indeed. If I were in the market for a fancy analog monosynth, this would definitely be a machine on my list to check out further.

  13. hi i cant play any of these videos,been trying the past week or so.tried playing them on synthtopia and on the website the videos are originally from.could anyone tell me why this might be,or how i can get them to anybody having the same problem?


  14. p.s

    not one of the videos on will play for me.not just the matrixbrute videos.

    anyone any ideas why this might be?

    want to watch these demos,as i gather from the comments these are the first good demos of the matrixbrute.

    thanks for any help in advance.

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