Novation Launchpad Pro Updated With Scale Mode

Novation has updated the firmware for the Launchpad Pro MIDI controller, adding Scale Mode, which lets you play basslines, melodies, chords and more.

Here’s what they have to say about the update:

With the Scale function, simply press Launchpad Pro’s Shift and Note buttons, then choose from a roster of 32 keys and modes, from major and minor, through phrygian, whole tone, bebop minor, iwato, etc. Once selected, Launchpad Pro’s 64 velocity- and pressure-sensitive pads will assign themselves contiguously to only the notes of the selected scale, removing all the rest. Launchpad Pro is turned into a deeply expressive instrument that lets you focus on the music, rather than precise finger positions.

Scale mode isn’t just for Ableton Live – you can use it to play virtual instruments in any other DAW, as well as your hardware synths. Launchpad Pro does not require connection to a computer; it can send MIDI via its 1/8th-inch output (and an included 5-pin Din adapter), so you can play external synths without a keyboard controller.

The update is a free download from the Novation site.

10 thoughts on “Novation Launchpad Pro Updated With Scale Mode

  1. Nice! Been holding out on buying LP Pro because no scale mode. Gotta get one now, no question. Watched the above video couple times, and have to say that is
    one of the better demo songs ive heard in a promo video. Kind of a funky-world beat-synth mashup. Way to go, Novation!

    1. Also, doesn’t work as advertised. No matter which scale I select, the moment I hit Note again, I’m back to the default scale. Well, maybe there will be a fix sometime in the future.

        1. Thank you, that was the missing piece. I was judging the layout by the video from which it’s not very apparent that it shows root because all the lights look pink. Well, that’s enough for me, this is great!

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