Cosmosƒ Saturn Stochastic Synthesizer Gets ‘Phenomenal’ Update

sonicLAB1464864371 has released Cosmosƒ Saturn v3 – a ‘phenomenal’ update to their advanced stochastic synthesizer for Windows and Mac.


  • Cosmosƒ is a real-time dynamic stochastic synthesis engine, which generates sonic textures with a complex event distribution process.
  • Discrete sonic events of certain density are distributed in a time space with their onset time and duration parameter calculated with stochastic /deterministic functions.
  • Each macro event defines the duration of a meso space, and the sub events are distributed inside it.
  • The event distribution engine of Cosmosƒ is a hierarchical embodiment of multiple time scales.

Here’s a video intro:

Pricing and Availability

Cosmosƒ Saturn v3 is available now, for Windows and Mac, for  169,00. The update is free for registered users.

7 thoughts on “Cosmosƒ Saturn Stochastic Synthesizer Gets ‘Phenomenal’ Update

    1. Affordable if looking for inspiration as a musician. For the ‘free economy’ and ‘ipad generation’ anything over $50 seems like a crime. For the rest of us, we’re more interested in what it *does” vs *the price*. I’m buying a copy, but then I’m a weirdo.

  1. funnily enough, if it was an iPad app, I would pay $50 but for something that runs on my desktop I’ll have to ponder on it a bit.

  2. The link to the product page didn’t work. Also, if I buy this can I put it on two devices (laptop and desktop)?

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