Knobcon V Synthesizer Convention Coming Sept 9-11, 2016


Knobcon V, aka Jack To The Future, is coming to Chicagoland Sept 9-11, 2016.

The event, one of the largest synth-focused conventions in the world, will feature synths and electronic music over three days:

  • Friday will feature an opening reception;
  • Saturday will feature workshops, screenings, gear exhibits, the Knobcon banquet and performances until late in the night; and
  • Sunday will gear exhibits, workshops and more.


Knobcon registration is $35 per person. The Saturday banquet is an addition $50 per person. See the Knobcon site for details.

Here are some images from last year’s Knobcon:

Knobcon The Synth Freq - 1 Knobcon-2015 - 1 Knobcon-2015 - 6 Knobcon-2015 - 10 Knobcon-2015 - 34 Knobcon-2015 - 77 Knobcon-2015 - 94

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