16 thoughts on “DJ Sara Is Up To Scratch

  1. please get back on the turntables Sara, and where’s your brother it would be nice to see some routines that you two have been working on.

    1. I’m no expert in the genre but what I heard looked and sounded pretty good. What exactly would be gained or be different by using vinyl over digital besides the learning curve of different equipment?

      1. She wouldn’t be able to switch the records fast enough to keep up with the “beat”. With digital, she can just load a sample, and scratch that. It would take incredible skill (accuracy and speed) to do this exact same scratching set with only vinyl.

  2. I love how the fish-eye lens effect makes her hands look huge, like a living poster.

    Solid technique, I like the stutter drumming effect she does with her fingers.

    Not sure why people think she is being any less legit with the digital wheel scratching. Ultimately it is all about what comes out of the speakers.

  3. Lets make one thing clear, I’m not hating on her at all. I’ve been a fan following her since she was too small to reach the decks. I prefer her on the instrument she mastered first, it’s as simple as that. As far as the Reloop, it does nothing for me personally, I’d rather watch somebody pushing buttons on an MPC.

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