Behringer DeepMind 12 Live Performance With Vile Electrodes

UK electronic band Vile Electrodes (Anais Neon/Jane Caley & Martin Swan) is one of the first groups to get their hands on the new Behringer DeepMind 12 analog synthesizer.

They brought it to Modular Meets Leeds over the weekend, and shared their take on the new synth and performed a few of their tracks with it. It’s the first public performance with the DeepMind 12.

Sonic State’s Nick Batt also caught up with Vile Electrodes after the set and filmed a quick interview:

via Sonic State

21 thoughts on “Behringer DeepMind 12 Live Performance With Vile Electrodes

  1. While we’re back on the subject of the DM12, here’s a suggestion for Behringer:

    Since the table-top/rack version will likely be released later, consider adding a stereo audio input on that version. I.e., no keyboard, but audio input. I’ll leave it to Behringer to consider the best part of the signal path to inject it into. But even if all we can do is access the effects, it will be worth it. A mono input might be necessary if they insert point is prior to the osc panning.

    Assuming they will use the same circuit, it will require some kind of “factory hack” to make it happen, I imagine.

    1. yes, this and poly aftertouch are the only things i would wish for.
      audio in plus envelope follower to have those great sidechain pumping effects and all that.

      I don’t need the audio in to use the keyboard as an fx box. but it would be great to have audio in to control the modulations of the DM12.

      1. That’s something the Lexicon MPX-1 had where input level was tracked and available as a mod source. It involved some kind of lowpass so it wasn’t audio level modulation (like AM or FM) it was just like the level meter was the mod level.

        But you raise a good point. If they did have that envelope following function then you would want to be able to use it as an FX/filter in for external audio as well.

  2. Vile Electrodes are awesome and great to get their take on the DM12!

    As long as the build on this is good, it will shake up the synth market.

  3. Thanks Vile Electrodes , great work . ( & SonicState for bringing it to our parlours)

    Why anyone wants to use a 12 voice polysynth as an fx box is beyond me ,
    I want to be sending big DM12 chords thru the fx , not anything else .

    Polyphonic Aftertouch for the desktop is my request .

    1. Of course, most folks will simply route the synth into it’s effects. But consider that the FX are VERY good, so you might like to use them for an external source– vocal, mic, recording, 2nd synth that lacks FX. Also, how many FX units have a 8 row mod-matrix? Kurzweil’s KDFX and Lexicon MPX-1 had insane internal controls– if not a full mod-matrix, certainly very close. It’s not very common– but it gives you mad control over the effects. I guess the last thing is that you might be able to use the filter on the input to. If you don’t get how that would be useful, that’s ok.

    2. The Audio In could be used to control the internal parameteres / modulations via Env Follower etc.
      Think of sidechaining of pads / pumping and all those sweet possibilities.

  4. That arpeggiator tune at the end…. dayyyyyum. Right out of ’83. Someplace between Yazoo’s Only You (SQ Pro-1) and Cindi Lauper’s “All Through the Night” (no idea).

  5. Forgot about the synth, forgot about the music, too busy marvelling how someone could inflict such dreadful playing on an audience.

    1. then we all wil be happy for you to take over and do the next video live playing and singing with a synth you had for a short time, knowing, the music world will watch you. you hero.

      and btw, i think especially the second song is spectacular. great job, Vile E !!

      1. Nothing wrong with the music itself, but no excuse really for such a poor grasp of timing, a keyboard is a keyboard, unless it has mini keys. My own chops are nothing special but my respect of an audience would mean I made a conscientious job of playing something simple with a reasonable degree of accuracy.

    2. +1 on the dreadful playing comment. Whatever happend to keyboard virtuosity? Can’t somebody with some skills take a turn on this thing? I’d like to hear something a notch or two above shoegaze played on the DM12. Props to the band for choosing a proper name at least…

  6. Very brave to do it this way, so hats off to VE for that and I’ll certainly check them out.

    Just my 2 cents, but I really want to see someone with some decent keyboard chops play this – even the SOS video was spoiled by the guy who openly admitted he couldn’t play much!

    Get this thing into the hands of Jordan Rudess or Erik Norlander or someone and let’s really see what it’s like to PLAY, as the sound of it is obviously great IMHO.


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