NERDGIRLS – A Herstory Of Electronic Music


NERDGIRLS – herstory of electronic music is an hour+ ‘mash’, featuring sixty years of electronic music from about fifty pioneering female artists:

Created by Antye Greie-Ripatti, aka poemproducer, it features works by M.I.A., Laetitia Sonami (above), Else Marie Pade, Maryanne Amacher, Kyoka and others. 

Greie-Ripatti has shared an annotated list of these artists, selected for their ‘nerdiness, innovation and uniqueness’, at the nerdgirls site.

4 thoughts on “NERDGIRLS – A Herstory Of Electronic Music

  1. This is super dope. One of the most amazing things of its kind I’ve heard in a while. Or ever. Classic, drawing on a huge breadth of talent. Also futuristic and fresh. The best kind of mash-up. Simultaneously retrospective and new.

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