Behind The Scenes With Tycho

Scott Hansen is the San Francisco-based producer, composer, musician, graphic designer, and creative force behind Tycho.

This video, via Soundtoys, captures Hansen sharing his thoughts on gear, inspiration and his creative process. 

tychoVideo Summary:

For the past 10 years Hansen has been developing a distinctive aesthetic for Tycho by intertwining his carefully crafted visuals with a pulsing combination of ambience, samples, guitars, and synthesizers.

Tycho was a solo project until the 2011 release of Dive, when Zac Brown and Rory O’Connor joined Scott for the recording process (and subsequent tour) to bring an unusually dynamic energy to the mellow downtempo style.

Tycho recently concluded a two-year world tour for their fifth studio album, Awake.

Scott is a long-time Soundtoys user and analog gear fanatic, so when Tycho played in Burlington, VT, we invited him by the Soundtoys headquarters to discuss inspiration, gear, production techniques, and the use of Soundtoys plug-ins in his creative workflow.

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      1. If you think about music for a sec and make a list of composers of some worth and this guys turns up in that ‘list’, then we agree..Ignorance is no excuse!

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