How To Play Your Casio Keyboard

This vintage keyboard tutorial demonstrates how to play your Casio keyboard.

Host Jay Levy covers the basics, including turning it on and learning to play 5 notes. But he also delivers a continuous stream of awesomely cheesy and often unintentionally hilarious patter, with lines like:

  • “That’s really a big, hot smokin’ band we’re listening to!”
  • “This is Andrea. She’s going to be our first musical victim today.”
  • “Don’t worry about the other positions with the funny names for now, we’ll get to them soon.”
  • “What is appropriate depends on your own personal taste and your neighbor’s hearing intolerance. “

And remember, “If your friends happen to be as beautiful as my friends are, it’s even more fun!”

6 thoughts on “How To Play Your Casio Keyboard

  1. Mr Roger’s cousin? No, I won’t touch my dial. I promise!
    And yes, Beethoven would have been thrilled by so much funky emotion 🙂

  2. I touched my dial :o( I am now worried something bad is going to happen because the man said don’t touch your dial. I’m not sure how it happened. He told me so many times not to touch my dial, and all I was thinking was “don’t touch that dial”, but I touched the dial. Will I be ok? Will I still be able to get incredible sounds from my Casio keyboard?

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