Is A Korg ARP Odyssey Desktop Synthesizer On The Way?


It looks like Korg may have a desktop version of their ARP Odyssey synth in the works.

Eagle-eyed observers took one look at this image, shared by keyboardist DANiiVORY (Theresa Danielle Flaminio), and immediately noticed a pair of of as-yet-unannounced synths in the background.

Flaminio shared this comment with the photo: “I found keyboard heaven!

In addition to the microKorg, KingKorg, Minilogue, Volcas and Electribes, there appear to be two Korg ARP Odyssey Desktop synthesizers, next to the previously introduced ‘KARP Odyssey’ keyboard:


For fans of the Odyssey that don’t need or want another keyboard, an ARP Odyssey Desktop synth could just be ‘keyboard heaven’.

Note: At this point, we have not seen any official announcement from Korg about an ARP Odyssey Desktop synthesizer, so pricing and other details – and even whether this will be an official product – are to be announced.

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42 thoughts on “Is A Korg ARP Odyssey Desktop Synthesizer On The Way?

    1. Umm, what? It’s not like the car industry, where every model year counts. These are musical instruments, and each of them has their own special quirks and abilities that stand out. A Roland SH-101 from 1983 is as musical as a synth designed this year.

      But I know what you’re trying to suggest. The Behringer DeepThought 42 is being released soon, and we should all buy one. Because new. And new is – for some – all that’s important.

      A desktop form factor makes a lot of sense – I like the KARP, but it’s not practical for me to have yet another keyboard in my rig. The price will also be significantly less.

    2. No, I think this could still do well if they price at $500 and accept recent market changes. I have wanted an Arp type synth for a long time..

    3. Don’t get me wrong, I think this synth module is a great idea. I would like to buy one myself.
      I am trying to say that they could use only one marketing investment for both the units, and save some money maybe..using the hype to boost the 2 products at once.

  1. I already have a desktop Arp Odessey, model 2813. I cut it down to make gigging easier, and it works great. I also cut an inch off of the overall thickness, or height, by moving the power supply and took a hacksaw to it. It doesn’t look like a hack job either. The only downside of removing the keyboard is you lose the duo phonic feature, but since I sequence it externally I never used the keyboard that much.

      1. Yeah, shut the hole under your snotty nose, baby. I was implying that you can have what you want, if you have the gumption to do it. I did, and felt it was relevant to the thread. You are likely the type that never opens a synth for fear of breaking it. That, or you are just angry at the world. Get a life. Have a pleasant day!

  2. A few patch points would have been good, just to make it more expandable and a little different. Theres lots of space at the top left if you reposition the noise generator switch. But stacking this with a keyboard Odyssey would make for a very nice 4 oscillator, stereo mono synth.

  3. nobody needs this monophnic crap anymore. it´s 2016, for god´s sake! my little virus snow from ten years ago blows all the new stuff out of the water.


    2. The TI line of Virus synths sound heavily compressed and darkly EQ’d no matter what. Regardless of your chosen effects.

      The “Total Integration” has been shown to be “Total Shite”. Unusable in any real fashion.

      God I would love to have an hour long sound design contest between you and your TI vs even the simplest of my mono synths.

      Let’s see how far those aged presets can really take you.

      If you can even get them to load in conjunction with the TI software.

    1. Different synths. Never been a poly that sounds the way a good mono does on one voice, different design requirements create different circuits.

      A minimoog sounds bigger than a memorymoog, the pro one eats the prophets for bass, leads and funny sounds.. etc. The karp odyssey is an amazing monosynth that no poly will be able to nail.

      But if ya gotta play chords you need a poly. Buy both!

      1. Yes, but if you can buy a 999 € 12 Voice Polysynth, this is a game-changer and the Monosynth producers have to change the price politic.

          1. only one person, who does not read the comments of others people, can write nonsense. I never wrote that deepmind is “epic and amazing”. I only wrote that a polysynth with 12 voices which costs € 999 is a game-changer and all the synth manufacturers should review their pricing policy.

      2. Ummm not sure a MemoryMoog sounds bigger than a MiniMoog.
        Is that what you’ve found from playing them live and in the studio?

    2. One problem: The Behringer doesn’t exist yet. Heck, $299 buys my a Roland Boutique synth that sounds great. That doesn’t mean I don’t want an ARP as well. 🙂

      1. And your 300$ “synth” is digital 4 voice… that means 900$ for a 12 voice digital synth vs a 12voice analog synth… and see the fx section on behringer (I know them from the x32 they are more than amazing)… or maybe the mod matrix, or or or or or

  4. Oh now Korg, please make a KARP2600 for $1000! (I bought KARP Odyssey for $1000 (btw, I think it’s as good) so I’m eligible to ask this, right)

  5. The Pitch/Mod pads don’t seem to belong on a sound module unit. Looks like the keyboard has been literally hacked off.

    But anything to get away from the slim keys!

    Biggest disappointment about this synth was the inability to store anything in memory. It may be fun to play make believe 70s, but not at the expense of 40 years of progress!

  6. This is going to sound sycophantic, but I think we have to say a big THANK YOU to Korg. I own a Karp odyssey and an MS 20 kit – both brilliant, both true to the originals with only the additions they need to join the modern world. I very rarely feel compelled to write a comment, but I feel it’s necessary here because Korg are killing it just now. The only other synth firms I love as much are Macbeth and Moog. This synth deserves to sell by the bucketload, because I know for a fact (cos I own the keyboard version) that it’s brilliant. Also, they have been very clever because you’ll be able to buy a module which looks different to the original – so plenty of people will buy both. Big up yourself Korg. Keep it up.

  7. it’s it’s priced good then it will fly off the shelves…
    additionally it probably won’t come with a custom case…so that will save a few $$$ too.

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