PPG Announces WaveGenerator & WaveMapper Audio Unit Extensions For iOS

Pioneering synth designer Wolfgang Palm has announced that he will be introducing Audio Unit Extension versions of his iPad software synthesizers, WaveGenerator and WaveMapper, in October.  Here’s a sneak preview!

Audio Unit Extensions are essentially plugins that you can run in AU hosts on your iPad. AU Extensions can be opened directly within other apps, without the need for a bridge such as InterApp Audio or AudioBus.

You can preview the new WaveGenerator and WaveMapper AU Extensions in the video above.

5 thoughts on “PPG Announces WaveGenerator & WaveMapper Audio Unit Extensions For iOS

  1. To act as a Model I hope this will be an update for the existing apps otherwise I can only say take a look at Arturia… I will not buy the same app 2 times, sorry…

  2. I wish all these other synth ios apps offers upgrade to AU possibilities. without Audio Unit abilities there is not much you can creatively produce on ios systems. waste of money and time to invest in such kinds of limited systems. anyway congrats to Wolfgang palm, at least he had some decency to make AU updates for his apps.

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