Soundmachines MODULÖR114 All-In-One Eurorack Synthesizer Hands-On Demos

Synth designer Davide Mancini shared several new videos that demonstrate his new Soundmachines MODULÖR114 in action.

The MODULÖR114 is designed to be a complete entryway to the Eurorack modular world, combining a great assortment of modules, digital fx and advanced connectivity.

Here’s a MODULÖR114 drone:

Here’s an example of MODULÖR114 bi-timbral sounds:

Mancini introduced the MODULÖR114 Eurorack synth module at Superbooth 2016. Here’s our interview with him from Berlin:

Key Features:

  • Analog Heart – The heart of the modular synthesizer is a full set of more than twenty freely patchable analog modules.
  • Connectivity – The integral USB MIDI to CV interface sports many features that are yet to be found on the majority of Eurorack modules. Apart from the classic pitch and gate signals, the module can derive a 16th clock, the modwheel amount to CV and, finally, Parameter Change control over two CV, an attenuator and a slew controller.
  • USB HOST capability – By selecting the HOST interface, you can plug in a USB MIDI keyboard or control surface and have your complete synth working, without any PC.
  • All-in-one Design – MODULÖR114 is made to be a slim, portable unit and it can be powered also by the USB device port.
  • Unique Features  – The MODULÖR114 includes a couple of hard-to-find functions in many competitor’s machines: a ribbon controller and an internal quantizer.
  • Full DSP Unit – The modular includes a complete FX unit, based on a 24bit DSP, offering delays, chorus and reverbs, all controllable with CVs and tap tempo inputs.
  • Digital modules – including logic gates, clock dividers and trigger buttons.
  • SYNTH Button – a hidden monosynth that you can recall at the touch of a button. The button connects all the red labeled jacks together in the classic monophonic synthesizer signal flow. Without using patch cords, you can start playing just by plugging a usb keyboard in.

Pricing and Availabilty

The MODULÖR114 is priced at 737 Euro, but it is still unavailable at the Soundmachines site.

11 thoughts on “Soundmachines MODULÖR114 All-In-One Eurorack Synthesizer Hands-On Demos

  1. Around the 1:20 mark on the first vid is sounding fantastic. Looks like a lot of fun. Synthtopia – I believe it is supposed to be all in one, not all in on. Not being snarky just trying to help out. Again, great vids!

  2. Ive ordered just the waiting game now. Just like the o coast I ordered in February but still not recived. When will manual be ready ? As iam new to modular and videos don’t help

  3. Price shows at the web site as 899,14€ – Over 1000 bucks

    Massively overpriced even by Euro rack Standards- do they know this is more expensive than the DeepMind 12 which is 12 voice poly with much better effects and a keyboard, sequencer, ipad control etc etc You may say this is apples to oranges, but the modulation matrixes on the DM12 (and matrixbrute) are giving them the power and flexability of a modular if you want to make east coast style music/sounds.

    but as a Eurorack user (I am in to over 200hp) its about making unique instruments from individual modules for me….I really don’t get paying grand for a mono 2 osc just because it has patch points, just buy the modules you need, not what other people think you need- other wise what the point of modular? The fun is buying 1 module at a time (often for under 100 bucks) and working out how to integrate it and what it does with the modules you have.

    1. How many cv patch points does the Behringer synth have?

      Oh, yeah – none!

      The Behringer synth – like the Roland synth it imitates – Will good for making pads, but it would be crazy to mistake it for deeply modular synthesizer like Dave Smiths or a synth with 114 patch points like this.

    2. I would like you to articulate the ‘massively overpriced’ thing.
      Please demonstrate how the sum of the same kind of modules (some of which does not exist) plus a case, plus a power supply is a ‘lot cheaper’ (that is the exact opposite of massively overpriced) than this.
      Really curious about that. Even if you DIY everything and value your own cost at zero/hour you will easily reach that point….
      One of the considerations that led us to the MODULOR114 was the availability of many modules, usual and unusual (the ribbon, quantizer, fx, logic section, usb host) at a very good price point.

  4. Uhh I hate it that people are now randomly using Ö instead of O in product names. ‘Ö’ is pronounced ‘OEE’ and makes you look dumb to a large region of the world. It’s not unlike the *insert chinese/japanese sign * phenomenon that thank god passed its hayday. Anyone with a bit of self respect (and insight on how customers in these areas will react) should refrain from abusing languages this way. As for the synth – sure cool thing, but this is what really ticked me off long before I read the article.

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