Temple Audio Modular Effects Pedal Boards

At the 2016 Summer NAMM Show, we talked with Rob of Temple Audio about their line of modular audio effects pedal boards.

temple-audio-modular-pedal-board - 1

Their system is based around a grid board, interchangeable end caps and a quick-release mounting system. The components are modular, so you can create a pedal board that’s the size you want, with the connections and power you need.

Pedals can be semi-permanently attached, with cabling and power routed through the inside of the pedal board. And Temple offers both hard and soft cases that let you your pedalboard, with everything attached.

The system includes Solo, Duo, and Trio pedal boards, supporting one, two and three rows of pedals, respectively:


Pricing and Availability

The Temple Audio modular effects pedal board system is available now, with pricing starting at $79.

4 thoughts on “Temple Audio Modular Effects Pedal Boards

  1. I use one for live performance with electronic music gear, a small mixer, Maschine, electribe, mpd, launchpad, etc. and I love it. It’s super convenient to have everything pre-wired… I just plug in the power strip and usb hub I have wired up underneath and I’m ready to go.

    Let me know if you have any questions…

  2. I love mine too. Have a Behringer XR18 on one side of mine with all my pedals routed through that. Eventide PowerFactor underneath. Keeps everything neat and portable.
    I use the XR18 iPad app for routing, presets, feedback loops etc. I’m not a guitar player … I use this with my modular and a few Elektron boxes. Great pedal board.

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