The World’s Largest Synthesizer

The Human Sized Synthesizer is an installation, developed by Daito Manabe and Rhizomatiks, in collaboration with Red Bull Music Academy and KORG.

It is described as ‘a social experiment, embodying the Academy ethos of encouraging creative collaboration’.

The Synthesizer is a large format workstation that includes:

  • A step sequencer drum machine with four sound sets;
  • A keyboard with an arpeggiator and other functions; and
  • An X-Y effects unit.

The giant synth’s controls are based on KORG’s classic MS10/20 synthesizers, with MPC-style touch-sensitive trigger pads.

The below schematic outlines the synth’s main elements:


via RBMA,PsyKispup

13 thoughts on “The World’s Largest Synthesizer

    1. Both should get setup head to head for the challenge to see which one is bigger but more importantly!, which one is cooler?

  1. Other than the gratuitous red bull can shots, love it. Would like to hear some of the things people came up with. To the youtubes…

  2. Loved the scenes of people playing together. Even if the whole thing is run by a Dell computer, the important thing is the “analog” (hands on) interface.

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