Mutable Warps Parasites v1.0 Demo

This video, via SB-SIX, is an unofficial demo of the Parasites alternative firmware for the Mutable Warps Eurorack module.

The Warps module is designed to blend and combine two audio signals in musically interesting ways. The Warps Parasite firmware is an alternative firmware for Warps. It adds the following features to the module:

  • An easy interface to switch between 9 modes, each determining a different function for the module. The stock mode (morph between algorithms) is now called Meta-mode, and is only one of 9. The easter egg (frequency-shifter) is another.
  • Most modes take the stock algorithms and go deeper into them, with two dimensions of control instead of one; others offer completely new functionality.
  • New features include: a dual variable-rate delay, a binaural panner with doppler-effect simulation, a dual bit-mangler and a Chebyschev waveshaper.

Pricing and Availability

The Mutable Warps module is available for US $259 via Amazon and other retailers. The Parasites firmware is available as a free download.

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