Melbourne Uni’s EMS Synthi 100 Gets Historical Recognition


ABC Melbourne reporter Simon Leo Brown let us know that Melbourne Uni’s recently restored EMS Synthi 100 has been recognized with an Engineering Heritage Marker. He reports:

Today, Engineers Australia will award the synthesiser an Engineering Heritage Marker at a ceremony at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music’s Southbank campus, recognising both the instrument’s importance in music history and Mr Craythorn’s work in restoring it.

Past recipients of the Marker include Brisbane’s Story Bridge, the Parkes radio telescope, and the Sydney Tower.

The Synthi 100 was released in 1971 by London company EMS and retailed for £6,500 — the equivalent of more than $100,000 today. Only 30 were produced, many of which are now inoperative, in storage, or on display as museum pieces.

Here’s a short video of the EMS Synthi 100 in action:

For more info, see the full report on the ABC site.

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