Access Virus TI Owners May Want To Wait To Update Their Mac OS

ACCESS-VIRUS-TI-DARKSTAR-SMALLVirus TI owners may want to wait a few extra weeks before updating their Macs to Sierra, which is due to be released Sept 20.

Access has announced that their Virus TI software is not compatible with the latest version of Apple’s Mac OS.

They shared this note via their Facebook page:

Current Mac versions of the Virus TI software suite are not compatible with Sierra.

As it turns out, it becomes unlikely that we will be able to supply a new version in time for the projected launch of Apple’s new OS on 20-Sep. The reason behind all that is that the company we license the audio driver from has not supplied a compatible version so far.

Apologies in advance and sorry for the frustrating news, we do everything in our power to speed up the process.

We will post news here as soon as those become available.

19 thoughts on “Access Virus TI Owners May Want To Wait To Update Their Mac OS

  1. Remember the days when it was just you, your cassette multitrack recorder and your hardware synths? Those were the good ol’ days.
    The days of software and operating systems make me wooooozy !!!

  2. I recall a comment from Elton John, who when asked, how back in the 70’s he could churn out three albums and year. His answer was simple. “We didn’t have f**ing computers”

  3. I stopped using the plug-in TI bits years ago. Always flaky, always irritating. Never parted with my two synths, though. I doubt I’ll ever try it again.

  4. There’s so many things wrong with Access and their software. Their synths probably don’t even run on newer apple computers.
    I literally drilled holes under my macbook pro for it to get more air, because using Virus TI connected to USB port caused MIDIServer to consume 20+% CPU (other MIDI devices consume about 0.5% CPU), which translated up to 90 degree Celsius and fans ran at maximum – now it’s almost all right. They refuse to see the problem and when several others also complained then Access said that it’s Apple’s fault. Is it really?

  5. I have a MacPro tower and run Windows 7 with a Virus TI2 Desktop and the Total Integration Software. I use Ableton, no issues. I guess I don’t try to record all parts at once, I usually find a sound, write a pattern, record, rinse, repeat. Works good enough lol

  6. ‘beauty’ of osx – when access music quits business (sooner or later discontinues support), osx users could feel quite ***ed đŸ˜›

  7. Still on 10-8-5 here without issues. Even Mavericks adds/removes things that make me want to strangle my computer. I don’t really use TI much though. Why someone would want to own such a beautiful synth and then chain the albatross that is USB audio midi to it is beyond me. Good for occasionally backing up patches I guess.

  8. access should have brought out a midi version of their VST years ago, the audio VST is rubbish and has been since day one. The synth is still fantastic though after a decade but its ruined by its poor TI integration.

    I think wonder is ACCESS the company has imploded up their own pointlessly painted synth arses and is now just some guy in a room somewhere – which would explain why there has been ZERO useful DEV on the synth, like, ever, that actually worked. I think most people just want the synth they bought 10 years ago to work as it should have done on day one, this still hasnt happened. An dont get my started on the use of fecking USB 1.0

    1. Access is now Kemper and they have their very successful Profiling amp. Access seems to at least for the time being be pretty much dead as a company, they’ve moved on to other things.

  9. Honestly we should be happy Access is willing to address this at all. The Virus TI is over 10 years old now. Not a lot of software developers continue to support 10 year old software.

    Frankly, I don’t use the VST for audio over USB. I use it for designing sounds and for that it’s great.

    I’m very careful about updating the OS on my studio PC. If things are working fine and I have no reason for the update, I’m not installing it.

  10. After years of chasing updates I said no more. I have all my computers working just fine, with more sonic fire power then I will ever fully exploit, and have no desire to muck things up. Just my .02

  11. Access, used to be such a great company. WTF happened to them? When I saw the picture of the Virus synth while scrolling through the news my heart jumped with joy “at last a new synth from Access!”, but no, it was just another sign of their fall from grace.

    Get back to it Access, we want to see what you do next.

  12. The standards are there, Standard USB Audio, Standard MIDI with NRPN, SYSEX, MIDI sample standard etc… Just do it and publish it and don’t mess around. We, users, should post a item on CHANGE.ORG to have manufacturer go back and just adhere to standards. Manufactures just don’t want to listen and go MIDI/Audio DIY. (Yes you, Roland, Access, Nord, Moog) Only DSI seems the last man standing for standard MIDI implementation for CC, patches etc. A good reason to get DSI professional instruments (also in sturdy casings, not the Roland plastic). There should be a MIDI, USB audio manufacturer black list for those that do not meet standards. (that is for audio using standard OS drivers, not the product custom DRIVERS like Roland AIRA) and CUSTOM patch MIDI interface loading like on NORD A1/4 and unofficial or unpublished MIDI Sysex specifications like Moog, Roland JP/JU/JX Boutiques etc.. focusrite Scarlett for example support standard Audio (works on Linux out of the box) Why can’t instrument manufacturers do it ? And with all these new product supporting USB audio ,where is the USB audio aggregration on Windows, like what is possible on Mac ? USB Audio and MIDI is a mess right now

  13. In the meantime, why not releasing a version for Linux ?
    Now Bitwig is relatively decent, I was able to get rid of this F#&Ă©@ OSX, becoming crapier and crapier release after release… a Mac is just a giant iPad now…

  14. It gets more depressing. No ETA on the Sierra driver I was told by support. After UAD and Avid Sierra updates this week, Access is the last one out there that I know of.

  15. Hello. I ‘ve searched everywhere on net with no luck on my issue, and I was wondering, maybe someone here will have same problem:
    I have virus TI kb, and mac Air 1,6 GHz Intel Core i5 8gb ram.
    As soon as I plug my virus in my mac via USB (directly, no hub), my mac become crazy. Track pad start to live on its own, and makes cursor move all over the screen, and internal keyboard doesnt work as it should as well (I have mouse plugged to mac, because of this issue). It looks like virus is transmitting some manetic/electric fields around him, so mac goes crazy. Im not technical person, so no idea what it could be. but when I unplug usb connetion of virus, problem is still there, and I have to move with Air at least two meteres away from TI.then it works normally… What I noticed, that when my virus is plugged in power, it makes quite noise, kind of electrocity buzz. Is that sound normal? Otherwise virus works perfectly, and I really love it…I wrote on support, and they said its not possible, and it never happened to anybody, which leads me to think that maybe I have some faulty peace of equipment…

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