KMI Announces Stretch Goal For BopPad MIDI Drum Pad Controller


Keith McMillen Instruments has announced a new stretch goal for their Kickstarter project to fund production of the BopPad MIDI drum pad controller.

The project has already been funded at more than double its original goal, with more than two weeks to go. If they reach their stretch goal of $100,000, they will integrate full MIDI 5-pin DIN hardware compatibility, via their MIDI expander. This will allow the controller to be used directly with hardware MIDI drum machines, synths and effects. 

The BopPad is an expressive electronic drum pad controller that offers accurate hit detection (2.4 millisecond latency), velocity, continuous radius and pressure.

The BopPad offers four independently programmable zones that output MIDI notes, velocity, pitch bend, pressure and location CCs.

Pricing and Availability

KMI is funding production of the BopPad via a Kickstarter campaign. The BopPad is available to project backers for $199.

8 thoughts on “KMI Announces Stretch Goal For BopPad MIDI Drum Pad Controller

  1. How many setups can you save on the BopPad itself to switch between on the fly (not talking about how many you can save in an editor) ?
    I ask because this is crucial.

  2. Strange. I thought they had already designed a midi expander for their other gear. If this is midi over USB compliant their old midi expander should work just fine…

    1. The MIDI Expander is a glorified plug adapter. Any KMI product with an “Expand” USB port on it is not sending true USB MIDI (requiring a USB Host to translate messages), it is sending standard MIDI messages (the same stuff that comes out a 5-pin DIN jack) over the USB pins.

      The Expander just turns the USB plug into a MIDI plug. It does nothing special at all; that’s why you can only plug KMI devices into it (there is no USB host on it).

      If you’re looking to convert USB MIDI devices into 5-pin MIDI, go with a Mode Machines CerebelUSB, Kenton USB MIDI Host, or iConnectMIDI4+. More expensive, yes, but they work with any class-compliant USB MIDI device, including KMI products. The CerebelUSB even works with USB hubs and uses a QuNeo in their demonstration videos:

      1. is there a us dealer for any of these? (other than the iconnectmidi4+, I actually own that one) I would love to get the kenton or cerebral at some point because the iocnnect is great but it is a little big compared to the others and sometimes I want a quick and dirty host for live but eg the kenton is over $20 in shipping –

  3. another MIDI controller without MIDI 😀
    4 regions means 4 simple CC notes.
    much too less ….
    rim could be the 5th over a piezo 😉
    this toy can be rebuild simply with a arduino diy project, much more functions and under 50 bugs!

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