Korg plugKEY Lets iPhone 7 Users Charge And Jam At The Same Time

Korg says that its plugKEY, a Lightning audio interface, is also a solution for iPhone 7 users wanting to listen to music or jam while they charge their phones.

Apple’s latest generation has eliminated the 1/8″ audio jack to allow improved waterproofing and room for a larger battery, forcing a transition to using Lightning or wireless audio accessories. 

plugKEY provides the needed connections for headphones, Aux jacks and more. You can connect any standard micro USB cable (not included) to the iOS USB power supply included with your phone, or any USB car charger, and charge while you listen to audio.

plugKEY also offers 5-pin MIDI IN, and dual ¼” output.

Pricing and Availability

Korg’s plugKEY is available for $99.99.

16 thoughts on “Korg plugKEY Lets iPhone 7 Users Charge And Jam At The Same Time

      1. FYI, I also said AUDIO in and outs
        There are quite a few audio interfaces that have A midi port
        none that have both multiple audio (more than 2) and midi (more than one)
        in the same box.
        Even on the full blown computer world, you need to have a separate audio multi and midi multi

        Think about it, having a couple of midi controllers, a couple of sound modules and you want to control and link with one device.
        ONE box that does the job of 2 or more.

        By the ways I also get tired of hearing about these big multi audio interfaces and it is in adat or tascam format, not real world jacks

        1. iConnectAUDIO4+. 4 analog ins, 4 analog outs, 1×1 DIN MIDI, up to 29 USB MIDI devices, USB host port, standalone or computer-linked operation.

  1. “Apple’s latest generation has eliminated the 1/8 audio jack to allow improved waterproofing”

    Not really, other manufacturers were able to make waterproof phones even with the audio jacks. Also the iFixit teardown revealed that the new second row of speaker holes lead nowhere and are just there for cosmetic reasons. Why would they remove 1 hole and then create 8 new holes if it was to improve waterproofing?

    1. look up the moto g videos which people submerge the motog in water tuned on for 20 minutes

      PS find a REAL moto g and try to leave a fingerprint on it, try it

    2. Holes are not necessarily a problem – it’s what’s inside them.

      1/8″ plugs are long and wiggle as you move around. This torques the audio jack and its seals, which makes it much more of a potential problem for water entry.

      The space that’s freed up allowed apple to put in a 14% larger battery, which gives 2 extra hours of battery life, which is a pretty huge positive.

      That space that you’re calling a speaker grill is actually where the barometric sensor is.

      I’m old enough to remember how everybody freaked out about Apple getting rid of the floppy drive, or when they forced adoption of USB. Both were the right move, even though people didn’t get it at the time.

      1. Yeah, but that was when Steve was still alive, and Apple was driven by his ideas…
        Now, Apple is only driven by its shareholders, it’s only about money.

        I, for one, couldn’t care less about a waterproof iPhone…
        But I don’t listen to music on it either 🙂

  2. I am going to buy this product specifically re-purpose my (wonderful) vintage Yamaha KX88.
    Time to dig out the old Ultimate Support tubing /hardware from storage as well as a 30 year old pair of Bose Roommate speakers with mounting arms to complete the rig. I am pumped.
    After that piano lessons! I hope I can un-learn my poor technique.

  3. Got mine the other day. Its great for what I need it to do which is provide quality sound outs for my ipad. Midi out would have been really nice though…

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