Cycling ’74 Announces Max Support For The ROLI Seaboard RISE, MPE

roli-max-for-liveCycling ’74 has announced an update for Max that adds support for the ROLI Seaboard RISE MIDI controller and Multidimensional Polyphonic Expression – a de facto standard for sending new dimensions of expression over MIDI.

“Working closely with ROLI, we at Cycling ’74 have released a huge content package focused on support for the Seaboard RISE as well as any other MIDI hardware that uses the MPE (Multidimensional Polyphonic Expression) standard,” explains Cycling ’74’s Darwin Grosse.

“It features a new set of MPE-specific objects, a half-dozen BEAP modules and three performance patches that take advantage of the expressive touch features of the ROLI keyboard.”

The package includes some applications that demonstrate the capabilities of combining Max with MPE.

The first demo – the Particle Visualizer – uses the Seaboard RISE to create real time video effects from movie files, generative data or a live video feed:

Next up is a Seaboard front end for LMSI-CNRS’s Cantor Digitalis, a vocal synthesizer that can create remarkable results:


The control patch uses the Seaboard RISE to provide both note and expressive data for controlling the expressive vocal synthesizer.

The third patch uses two MPE-capable arpeggiators driving Max for Live devices, with pressure and gestures altering parameters in real time.

“If you have a Seaboard RISE, you will definitely want to dive into this package,” notes Grosse, “and if you don’t have a RISE, you should check out what’s possible.”

ROLI has also announced that they are packaging a license to use Max for a year with new Rise controller purchases.

6 thoughts on “Cycling ’74 Announces Max Support For The ROLI Seaboard RISE, MPE

    1. The main thing standing between this and M4L is Live itself, best I can tell. As is Live midi lanes only support 1 channel per lane, and thus can’t currently support MPE streams without extreme workarounds. Even getting ROLI’s own software to work properly in Live requires jumping through some seriously annoying hoops. With all the focus on MPE controllers as of late (and native MPE support in Bitwig), I can’t really imagine a world where Ableton would not fix this for Live 10.

      1. Can you not crossgrade from M4L to the full version of Max and use Link? And you’re right, hopefully they’ll implement MPE in 10 to avoid all this hoop jumping and setting up 10 channels. I don’t like any other DAW’s bar Ableton, but then I also love the idea of a Seaboard. Urgh!

  1. This MPE feature is so nice but after testing the Roli keyboard with lAbleton live 9 .
    Live 9 feeling with MPE is a jock. The old onboard’s Syths , yeah they old and like Modulation and MPE feature.
    Bitiwigs Modulation and Automation system works great and is way better with the rolly. The Syths are really great..
    The Modulation and Automation possiblities are endless and you lose no Parameter when you modulate it with a intern or extern Lfo and together with a rolly touch function ,
    yeah together.
    You can record all that stuff as Automation with Modulation and It feels so great and its so amazing Fun..
    Hope that Ableton bring on the same amount of Modulation and Automation function in live 10 and without max msp for one
    A Controller for Music. Without MPE Fels so digital now
    On/OFF .
    a Push with MPE wo that was great …

    The Roli is best buy for digital syth music maker.

  2. My understanding from Ableton support is that MPE support isn’t currently planned. Their suggestion is: if we want this feature we should up vote it on the beta site. It takes two minutes to register with their beta site here:

    Then once you have an account, login and click on Live 9 and suggestions.

    There are two MPE related suggestions

    SUG-1678 (created a year ago) with 28 upvotes:


    SUG-0982 (created 2 years ago) with 38 upvotes{F563C6F6-A8D8-4B97-9652-F44FAF86C4D1}&uf={14EFC3E4-6C56-452E-A3C3-D5A00481BD9D}&a=v&t=1

    If you want MPE support then please let Ableton know.

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