Soma Laboratory Organismic Synthesizer Demo

Soma Laboratory shared this video demo of their new Lyra 4 Organismic Synthesizer, which is an analog synth for soundscapes, FXs, pads and complex textures.

Soma says that it uses the term “Organismic” to mean that all the synth modules are intertwined by many nonlinear connections and work in an entangled state, modifying each other, much like organs and systems in live beings. That allows for getting complex, diverse, fluid textures from a relatively simple construction.

Here’s an overview of the LYRA structure:

Pricing and Availability:

The Lyra Organismic Synthesizers are built to order and currently have a wait list for orders:

  • LYRA-4: 350 euros (or USD equivalent) + shipping
  • LYRA-8: 500 euros (or USD equivalent) + shipping

18 thoughts on “Soma Laboratory Organismic Synthesizer Demo

  1. it’s neat but does it have no midi support – if it doesn’t then that is no fun since one thing with noisemakers that is best is to be able to drone it with an external source while you knobtwidddle with 2 hands

  2. Wow!!! That are one of the coolest drone machines I’ve ever listen to. The DIY kid announced on their website sounds quite appealing to me.

  3. The developer seems like a super cool and thoughtful guy if you read his webpage and I really want one of these synths.

    I’m hoping the DIY kit has the enclosure and a build guide, if it does I think I’m going to buy one.

    Seems like it has no MIDI and limited CV control so taming it might take some effort but I’m not sure that’s the point of it anyways.

    It’s made for hands on noisey whale scapes.

    1. actually zero of the whale-communication subconscousness bs is true (it’s not how our or animal subconscousness works at all). it’s just sale propaganda. anyway, the synth sounds terribly spook and shurely will be perfect for giving your audience a bad trip.

    1. I had that feeling too.
      I did like the whole whale story thing, and the wicked sounds.
      I fer sure want one of these, but I wont be doing any interpretive dance with it.

  4. Why would anyone require midi for this? Just midi any other synth you have lying around and play this over the top of it. This machine is a lead instrument. It was never intended to be part of the bass line.

    The tactile nature of it makes it far more expressive than anything midi-controlled could ever be.

    1. Thank you. Nothing about this design says I want/need midi. Needing midi would mean to completely ignore the interface and obvious intentions of the designer. They nailed it and will sell well thus being rewarded for taking risks aka creating something new aka being original….

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