New App, Regroover, Lets You ‘Unmix’ And Remix Sampled Beats

Accusonus has introduced Regroover, a new plugin (VST, AU, AAX) that lets you ‘unmix’ sampled beats to extract specific elements or remix them.

‘Regroover opens up new possibilities for working with sampled beats:

  • ‘Unmix’ samples and extract distinct sound layers.
  • Rearrange the isolated layers and create new variations.
  • Use isolated beat elements to create new rhythms.
  • ‘Breathe new life’ into old sample libraries.
  • Use the Regroover A.I. engine to get ‘previously unheard sounds’.

Two versions of Regroover are available: Regroover Essential and Regroover Pro, which unlocks the ability to create your own Expansion Kits.

Pricing and Availability

  • Regroover Essential Intro Price: $79 (through 10.10.2016)
  • Regroover Pro Pre-order Price: $149 (through 10.10.2016)

See the Accusonus site for details.

32 thoughts on “New App, Regroover, Lets You ‘Unmix’ And Remix Sampled Beats

    1. You mean ‘BreakTweaker’, from iZotope/BT?
      Nah, not really… Take a look at BreakTweaker again – very different stuff. Especially the screenshot.
      That focuses on using single sounds or drum hits with synthesis morphing and micro-edits in a step-sequenced environment . It can use loops, but it’s not really loop-based…
      This looks like you can almost ‘unpack’ any drum loop into individual parts… I’m intrigued, for sure.

    1. Maybe you haven’t paid attention to ableton live..

      1. Get loop
      2. Drag/drop into ableton
      3. Duplicate clip for each “element” you want to separate
      4. Use volume automation to select parts you want in first clip, using volume automation to mute out parts you don’t.
      5. Repeat
      6. Pan each part as needed
      7. Save $149

      Can do the same with more visual side by side comparison by using arrangement view vs clip/session view… Any Daw can do this with way more flexibility

      1. Yuck. I’d rather cut the sample into isolated parts and put them into different tracks than deal with crowded automation lanes. If you really need your clips to be full-bar length then you can just consolidate them after the fact. At least then you can just set volume and pan to whatever their “standard” value should be and then tweak accordingly.

        1. Like I said, can be done both ways. Clips/tracks.

          I’m not saying this isn’t a quicker way, but for $149 for the pro version, you get more bang for your buck to use your DAW.

          This seems better for a standalone app if you wanted to fiddle with a loop more in a stage performance perhaps… Of course that can be achieved with more flexibility in many daws too

          1. Sri – seriously, watch the damn video and explain how you can un-mix snare, hi-hat and kick drums that are all on the same beat with Ableton Live using clips.

            The short answer is that you can’t.

            You can chop up beats – but that is completely different than what this plug-in is doing.

            1. I agree with you. This, in effect, retains any tails you would otherwise lose in the chopping process… probably at the expense of some of the original sonic content, which may perhaps then be reconstituted after the fact using noise.

              We never heard the original loop as far as I know, but they made it as easy as dl’ing a functional free trial to find out so I’ve only myself to blame for not knowing whether it alters the quality of the drums enough to make it undesirable

          2. Here… I made a quick vid:


            I showed how to quickly separate parts, add fx, rearrange.

            its a demo, you can get as detailed or as simple as ya want.

            *No Ableton does not instantly “un-mix” a loop when you import one.

            However its been my experience that when a program does xy or z, that 99% of the time you already have the ability to do this with the tools you have currently, without buying more sh*t.

            And yes that goes for a DAW, we could go back to splicing actual tape to make loops…

            My point was simple; call it “un-mixing” or whatever, the bottom line is you can achieve the same effect without this application..

            And if I save someone $149 cool… if not, the world still goes round and round

            1. It seems that you really don’t understand what this product does, because you went to all the trouble of making a demo video and you’re just chopping up beats like people have been doing for literally 20 years.

              Do a search on ‘Amen Break’ sometime.

              For people that understand what Regroover actually does, it looks like a tool you could do a lot of creative things with.

              1. Calm down, it’s going to be ok…

                I’m talking about the end result. Which can be achieved easily, without buying more software.

                I get the app takes a full sample and splits it into its separate layers. I never said otherwise, merely without that, you can achieve the same damn end result (a rearranged loop) with more flexibility with the software you probably already have. 😉

        1. nobody was talking about chopping beats in ableton, they were talking about using clip parameters and it can be done quite easily.
          this app unless I’m mistaken isn’t doing the melodyne thing, it’s basically doing clip automation in a snapshot format (quicker)

  1. It seems like almost* every single person commenting on this either doesn’t understand the concept or didn’t bother to download the demo and try it.

    *-McLoud. Good job, guy. And yeah, this thing is garbage. Hot water garbage.

  2. Wow, lot of confusion here. This is more like duplicating the same beat in something like ableton 4 times and then using a combination of aggressive EQ/filtering and gates to isolate each part. Thing is, doing that by hand and not ending up with a punchless-kick or meatless-snare or a phase-riddled shitshow when you put them all back together is really really hard. This automates all that and, I suppose somewhat dependent on source material, sounds like it ‘does it right’.

    I don’t really use samples but if I did I’d be hot for this. Can probably be abused in all sorts of delightful ways.

  3. Forgive me but to the people saying ‘you can save $149’ by using Ableton Live, what if you don’t have it, or don’t feel like spending, what $500-$800.
    I have no idea if you need the suite version or if the standard version will do, either way, that seems a lot more expensive to me, but I’m rubbish at maths.

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