Elektron Intros Analog Heat Effects Processor


Elektron today introduced the Analog Heat – a hardware effects processor that features 8 different analog stereo distortion circuits, a stereo analog multi-mode filter and a stereo analog EQ.

“By adding analog sheen or grit, sounds often become more exciting and interesting — and this is exactly the forte of the Analog Heat. For computer based musicians, the Overbridge integration will prove incredibly useful,” says Jonas Hillman, CEO of Elektron. “Finally a distortion effect plug-in providing that inimitable and authentic analog sound”.



  • Eight stereo analog distortion circuits — The eight stereo analog distortion circuits have been designed to provide excellent sound shaping opportunities, as well as to fully complement each other. They are capable of applying everything from warm tape-like saturation to harsh over-the-top distortion.
  • Filter, EQ, modulation — To further affect incoming signals, the stereo analog multi-mode filter and the 2 band stereo analog EQ are available. Modulation sources include an assignable envelope and an assignable LFO, making it easy to create rhythmical textures and re-shape beats.
  • Overbridge — The Overbridge technology effortlessly brings the sound and capabilities of the Analog Heat to DAW environments. Connect the Analog Heat to a computer via USB and use it just like a VST/AU effect plug-in. Overbridge makes analog processing of individual sounds, tracks and even complete mixes a fully integrated and rewarding experience.

Here’s the official intro video:

Audio Demos:

Pricing and Availability

Analog Heat is expected to ship this fall, priced at $749 USD/799 EUR/£679 GBP. See the Elektron site for details.

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47 thoughts on “Elektron Intros Analog Heat Effects Processor

  1. Interesting. Seems pretty cool. I wonder if there’s any kind of compressor/limiter in there. I can’t really see myself spending $750 on this.. unless it really shoots out fire.

  2. We worked on a similar concept years ago with a different company that I consulted, and we had a near completed prototype when they determined not to pursue it due to cost considerations. I tried the virtual web based demo of this, not terribly impressed and the price seems to be disproportionate to the feature set.

    However I am pleased to see that they are trying to use a better display, although still very small. There are digital emulations/plugins that can achieve the same results at half the cost however.

    However with the craze of all things analogue this may succeed.

  3. This looks great. Flexible, stereo saturators are pretty rare outside of VST’s and expensive rack units. I just hope it sounds as good as it looks.

  4. I am assuming control in is a couple of CV (inputs) using TRS like the A4?
    Eight stereo analogue distortion circuits, but you can only use one at a time I assume? (or can you access them all separately via overbridge?) ….’the’ stereo analog multi-mode filter after that (so only 1 stereo channel with filter and EQ a time?)

    Not so sure about this (and I have an A4 and a RYTM) for value, but obviously need to read and hear more. I like Elektron, but was hoping for more (or less cost)

    1. You’re gonna have to buy two of each to have stereo, so they’re gonna have to be Behringer and Harley Benton (including power) pedals to have as many options as in this box, and they will not have a filter, dry/wet control, lfo’s, envelopes or cv control, not to mention professional studio level audio connectivity.

  5. I am sick of people grumbling about cost every time a new product is announced. That said, when I think about what else I could get for $750, I cannot imagine purchasing this. Love the idea, though, and would like to see something similar to this in a more traditional efx box format. Stereo in and out dirtbox with cv control over a couple parameters, made to process synths and drum machines. There are hundreds of interesting dirt/saturation boxes for guitars – is there something similar to what I’m describing for line-level, full frequency signals?

    1. I am not certain anyone was “grumbling” about price, the question here is one of a value proposition compared to similarly priced items. The analogue modelling in the new Line6 Helix is superb and whilst priced higher you can make an argument that the Helix is a better value and product.

  6. The thing about the price is that you can accomplish something very similar with the A4 and also get 4 analog voices, a CV sequencer and competent chorus, delay and reverb for just a little bit more, at least used.

    I’m not sure where the value is on this one and can’t imagine justifying the cost, even though it sounds very good. I bet they would sell 10x the amount of these if it was $500.

    1. So true. I bought my A4 on one of the first manacacturing runs just after it was released. At that time I think it was less than €900 from thomann. After about a year elektron jacked up the price for some unknown reason. Considering the capabilities of an A4 and then looking at the capabilities of this I think this device is massively overpriced. It’s the first elektron device I haven’t wanted to buy so I’m a little disappointed especially after all the hype that was generated.

  7. Say what you want but they made the Rhythm Wolf sound pretty fucking bad ass. And they made it the second demo in their playlist. Respect.

  8. I agree with #analogdisappointment
    I really hoped for something new and exciting from Elektron. If they put a sequencer in there, then it would justify the price (especially if it could control external gear).

    Overall, this seems like a seriously poor choice by Elektron. Over priced and limited. Although, that seems to be the Motto of Elektron these days. If you do like it, just wait 3 – 5 months and pick one up on ebay for a fraction of the price. Just look at what a RYTM is going for on there these days……..

    1. The Rytm holds it’s value very well, the cheapest used price on ebay right now is only 20% off the price of a brand new unit.

      That same discount would make this new box a lot more attractive at $600 which IMO is still high in comparison to what the A4 can do for about $900 used.

  9. A really cool idea! If all parameter are accessible via Midi CC, so that I can parameter lock them with my Octatrack to create weird rythmic stuff, then count me in.

    Regarding the price of the Analog Heat, I think just for an external analog multi-mode stereo filter people are willing to pay some hundred bugs. Add the distortion circuits on top and the other features that it can provide, plus Elektron’s outstanding quality then there you are.

  10. Although I won’t be able to afford one for awhile I think this is a pretty cool product.

    Price-wise it is spendy but not bad when you consider it covers the sonic territory of a couple of moogerfoogers and more, including being a 2in|2out usb sound card/VST plugin.

    Seems targeted toward non-traditional elektron user base. (as others have said, a lot of what this unit can do can also be done by the A4).

    Could be one of those timeless pieces of kit that will still be cool a decade from now.

  11. i like it, yes price is high little bit but all elektron machines solid and built in quality and worth it. yes you can get same sound with 4 or 5 analog guitar pedal 100$ per about same price. Give it a chance fellas also cant wait to use it with deepmind 😉

  12. I don’t get the point of this glorified expensive pedal. You can run 4 tracks through A4’s filters. Is Octatrack with Overbridge ever gonna happen. Cuz that I would get immediately.

  13. Actually I’m in, I use overbridge every day love elektron equipment ( I’ve never been disappointed, including with the screens) this is kinda what I was needing, will work wonderfully with my ableton setup, looking forward to what this can do for say softube modular, my maxforlive encoder audio collection and maxforcatz stuff which I use everyday through overbridge working seamlessly with my a4 ar and octo, it’s a great environment to work in

  14. I wonder if Elektron got the idea to make this from all those techno producers/DJs using the Pro Co Rat 2 distortion pedal on drums and bass synths. The Rat 2 is quite popular for these applications so maybe they will have a high demand considering the Analog Heat’s huge feature set. The interface with Overbridge will certainly make it easier for laptop DJs to integrate with their sets. I personally won’t be getting one; Mulholland Drive by Native Instruments on 909 drums has blown away many of the other distortion pedals I’ve tried.

  15. i have the A4 and the build quality is pretty amazing, it’s just extremely well built. i am thinking that factors into the price. and i have to say it’s refreshing as many other companies are using so much plastic, things that feel like little toys. there’s a place for all of it but am glad Elektron’s stuff remains pretty accessible for the insane quality. I’m very interested in this thing…

  16. This might be good, but it needs better demo tracks with clear descriptions of what’s doing what. Right now all the demo tracks sound very much the same – unsubtle distortion on a synth line.

  17. Looks interesting, but I’ll definitely pass on this and wait for Strymon to release some kind of distortion/saturation pedal *fingers crossed*

  18. Despite everyone crying about ob and ar and a4 they all got massive and continual updates, I’m excited for both the hardware as is and what might happen in the future, elektron boxes always evolve

  19. The HEAT looks awesome. You have to understand that Elektron builds their products like WWII tanks. You might be able to buy a bunch of guitar pedals for the same price, but then you have a bunch of god damned guitar pedals to deal with! The HEAT is compact and elegant. Hell yea it’s a top shelf product. if you’re in the market for “cheap” then I guess you have conflicting priorities when it comes to Elektron gear. So be it. Am I a fan boy? Yep.

  20. Sounds pretty good (even on the Akai Rhythm Wolf — impressive)

    While the initial investment is higher I think hardware is a better investment than software.
    You can pay $200 for a VST Filter/Saturator plugin OR
    Buy this for $750 use it for a year or two and you can still probably resell it for $550-600.

  21. I agree, Elektron products are always a save investement. Great quality and frequent updates with new, sometimes surprising features that shifts the usability to a next level. Not the opposit way, to offer features that never makes it into an update. That gives additional trust into their products and I think it’s the reason why one could sell any of the Elektron gear here in Europe after one or two years without a significant fall in price. Compared to that, e.g. a one or two years old used DSI Tempest can be here sometimes found for less than half of the streetprice. I think that says all.

  22. Im glad they didnt go the cheap plastic with batteries way many other companies are doing these days. There are enough cheap distortions around. What I want is good built quality, price comes second. But this has quite frankly no competition. It has to prove that it sounds better than soundtoys in a DAW environment. If it beats that, Ill welcome it to my studio.

  23. A great sounding, well integrated analog hardware distortion unit that works as a VST ..pretty cool… a little overpriced i must admit

    if its easy as Overbridge and if it sounds great, it may be worth it..

  24. i think this is a cool product..but im sad they wouldnèt put an XLR input and a mic pre inside..which they probably couldve included easily considering how much gain action is going on with this box.



  25. Love this idea, will definitely get one. Now bring on the Octatrack MK2 with Overbridge support, a less opaque interface, and a higher-res screen…

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