Free LinnDrum Tape Drum Sample Library


Wave Alchemy has released a free drum hit sample library, LinnDrum Tape, to celebrate their 8th birthday.

Linndrum Tape is a free sample collection that features 215 drum samples, created using the iconic LinnDrum LM-2 drum machine. The samples were created by recording to 1/2″ analog tape, using an Ampex ATR-102 vintage tape machine at multiple saturation levels.

The sample library is a free download (.zip).

19 thoughts on “Free LinnDrum Tape Drum Sample Library

  1. I’m surprised to see this. Didn’t the Samples From Mars guys have to pull their Linndrum sample pack due to copyright issues? These are samples of samples, after all – not of an analog drum machine. I’m not sure you’re allowed to do this.

    1. reading this,I thought the work around to the copyright issues was that theses are classed as original samples ,newly created, due to the ” 1/2 inch tape recording ….. at various saturation levels” process.

    2. I would argue that it is only copyright if it is an exact byte-for-byte / bit-for-bit digital copy of the EPROMS in PCM / Wave format.

      If the samples have been process in any way ie. through same simulation effects in this case, then the final offer is not the above !

      The same goes for Ripping CD-audio and encoding it to MP3… the MP3 data has been processed by an algorithm so it is not a byte-for-byte / bit-for-bit copy of the PCM data that was on the CD !

  2. You put samples into a drum machine and sell it…thats it, they are public domain. Id like you see you fight in court a copyright on samples from a drum machine. “im sure youre not allowed to do this”? Stop acting like babies. The horse has already bolted

  3. Thank you! I created a Roland S-550 disk with a selection of these Linn Drum samples: I will use this disk only for personal fun (I’m a not-professional synth entusiast). Is it possible to redistribute – for free – this Roland S-550 disk to whom it may ask for a copy? Tahnk you.

  4. I’m searching for a WAV of the factory preset data load… to load the factory patterns into a restored linndrum. Does anyone have a copy, or would anyone be willing to make one?

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