Synapse Intros Legend Synth Rack Extension

Synapse has introduced The Legend – an analog-modeling synthesizer Rack Extension, designed to recreate the sound of ‘one of the most iconic synthesizer of all times’.

Here’s the video intro:

The Legend offers additional controls not found on the original hardware. The most significant additions are the Unison and Polyphonic modes, allowing for ‘fat’ stereo sounds, as well as enabling polyphonic play.

The developers also say that The Legend is also one of the most CPU-efficient analog-modeling plugins available.

The Legend also includes a delay and reverb unit.

Back Panel + CV Connections

The back panel offers 20 CV inputs to control most sound parameters, a sequencer input for CV/Gate connection, and an external filter input to process mono and stereo audio signals with The Legend’s filters.

Factory Sounds

The Legend comes with 400 patches, sorted into common categories like Bass, Lead, SFX, etc. The patches comprise both new sounds and a large collection of sounds inspired by classic recordings.

Pricing and Availability

The Legend is available now for US $99 in the Propellerhead Store.

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