New Synth, The CMS 2607, Is Like An ARP 2600 On Steroids


Cirocco Music Systems has announced the CMS 2607 6U Rack-Mount Integrated Synthesizer, which is like an ARP 2600 on steroids.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

We took all the features of the original ARP 2600, combined them with our world famous upgrades, added more cool stuff and then squeezed it all into a 6 space rack mount heavy duty enclosure.

This particular incarnation is the ‘2500 version’ that features a beautiful heavy duty brushed aluminum front panel. We are also currently making standard versions using grey and blue paint similar to the original ARP 2600 factory color schemes.

Initially, a very small quantity of special issue handmade 2607s will be made available to the general public until the factory produced models are available. These will be priced higher than the factory made mass produced units.



Additional features of the CMS 2607 include:

  • 6 spaces (10.5 inches). Thick .100 precision machined front panel.
  • Uses the original ARP 4000 series sub-module pin out. They can install old ARP sub-modules
  • The CMS 4012 CX filter comes standard issue. They say that it is ‘better sounding, but true to the original design of the early 2600 filter.”
  • The filter has 2 modes: CMS and ARP. The ARP mode maintains the original factory 4012 circuit. The CMS mode features the CMS 9004 dual mode filter.
  • The VCF has an additional Highpass / Pseudo-notch out depending on the mode switch setting.
  • Voltage processor 2 becomes the Post Filter Distortion circuit from the ARP Centaur when the PFD switch is engaged.
  • Schmitt trigger or trigger detector for externally triggering Envelopes, SH, Etc. Doubles as a distortion device.
  • A dedicated LFO
  • S/H clock has sine out for additional LFO modulation.
  • Tripped out E switch
  • Octave switches
  • Sync switch that syncs VCO-1 to VCO-3
  • VCO3 has all 4 waveforms
  • Uses the discrete wave-shapers from the 2500 – CMS notes that they sound better and produce better shaped waveforms.
  • Both VCO-2 and VCO-3 actually produce a sine wave, not a rounded triangle like on the 2600.
  • PWM on all 3 VCOs.


At this point, high-quality audio and video demos are still to come, but Cirocco shared this preview of a prototype in action:

Pricing and Availability

Price for one of the hand-made limited editions is $8699.00. (9,499.00 for units with early type VCOs) plus packing and shipping charges. Target price for the standard version 2607 will be 4999.00 USD . For details, see the CMS site.

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22 thoughts on “New Synth, The CMS 2607, Is Like An ARP 2600 On Steroids

  1. Now that’s interesting and reasonably priced (compared to their regular modular system prices).
    As always important factors are:
    * What do you really need,
    * What’s your budget (mine is almost always zero e.g. budget neutral. When something comes in, something goes out)
    * What do you get for what you spend.

    In spite of CMS quality and reputation, even were I to spend that amount of money, it would not be on the standard version 2607.

  2. It is both a fair price and a price that is too high, IMO, @ $4999 for the standard version. I can’t afford it, but my gut says it really should be closer to $3000, though there are many factors I might be ignorant of to justify the $5000 price. I do want’ one though. If my circumstances ever changed this would be my first purchase.

      1. I like your comment and I hesitated a lot before saying what i said, still I stand by it. Any company who does not charge as much as the market will bear is leaving money on the table which is why the $5000 seems fair. I think it will probably sell well at that price.

        At the same time, when you consider the TTSH was $1000 for a DIY product, and $3000 for a hand-built one, it seems very reasonable that one could be produced in factory for $3000 (or considerably less). On the other hand, (and I addressed this clearly) there are variables I cannot know which may drive up the price (quality of components, country of manufacture, etc).

        Maybe this company, given location and manufacturing standards cannot sell if for less than $5000, but the TTSH proves someone else can, if they have the will. I’m almost certain a version of the 2600 could be produced by the likes of Behringer for about $2000, street price. I would have to do more research to be certain, but I’m confident in that number’s accuracy. And it has nothing to do with guessing.

        1. There isn’t any company that’s legitimately making a biz with the TTSH, though. You’ve got some dudes building it as a side gig.

          Boutique synth guys need to price things high enough that they can be in business next year, which Joe side job doesn’t worry about.

  3. I’m always stuck in emotional and financial limbo on these things… On one hand I’m thinking “my god you could get a really nice quality used car for that price!!” Then my other half says “yes but this ain’t mass produced and so it’s more in the category of functional art”

    And art isnt always the easiest thing to judge in terms of cost

  4. Yes, it is more expensive than a Eurorack modular with similar functions, but it is much cheaper than, say a Moog Model 15 modular. Hmm.

  5. Considering that a new ARP 2600 cost $3300 in 1975 ($14,760 in 2016 dollars), being able to get one for $5000-$9500 is, by comparison, a bargain. Then again, you couldn’t get a new 4-voice analog polyphonic in 1975 for $112 ($500 in 2016 dollars) either.

  6. I hate lighted sliders that don’t actually use the lights to indicate anything. These must be the only sliders anyone can source anymore…

  7. I can’t afford one, but if I could, I’d feel the $4999 price is fair for the quality build and feature set. What I’m really waiting for, though, is for some outfit to revive and sell Arp 2500 clones, with similar added features. Now that would truly be amazeballs.

  8. Looks nice. I’d be happy to sell my own ARP 2600, which works and is in close to mint condition, for $8699. Problem is every buyer is anonymous and wants it shipped to their weird location.

  9. All these “improvements” but it still has one ADSR and one AR envelope. A REAL improvement would have been at least 2 ADSRs. Complete fail.

  10. Looks good… Demo was so so but I’m sure this thing sounds nice!!! The price tho is super high but I can understand that as I’m sure a lot of work has been put in it and especially if you did one by hand.. I can only imagine.

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