How To Make A $20 Craigslist Organ Sound Awesome

This demo, via 100 Things I Do, explores making ethereal ambient pads using a cheap used organ.

Here’s what he has to say about the video:

I was looking for some new atmospheric sounds to use on a track and thought I would do a very quick clip to share. I’m still working on this weekends also.

$20 Lowery Wandering Genie Organ going into a wold of delay, reverb and some pitch shifting to create a much more unique sound. The top end still needs some taming but low in a track it would work really nice.

This combination is similar to the organ + effects combo that Vangelis made effective use of in his early solo work.

11 thoughts on “How To Make A $20 Craigslist Organ Sound Awesome

  1. ….from the headline I figured I’d see an Eventide H9… but got even more (plugins).
    No reason to have the crappy organ at that point, already using tons of VST’s just use a VSTi.

    1. BTW H9 is a plugin too. Actually a bunch of them in an box, which you can buy without the box and then use those on as many tracks as you want. It’s amazing, who knew.

  2. You can put everything in a Eventide Blackhole or a Strymon, and it’ll be “awesome”.
    You can make an nice EP just by farting in a Bluesky.

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