Waves Introduces SoundGrid Connect, Which Lets You Run Your Plugins On A Network Server

Waves has introduced SoundGrid Connect, which lets you connect any ASIO/Core Audio-compatible I/O to the SoundGrid Network. This lets offload your plugin processing to a SoundGrid DSP server, without replacing the interface you already have or even your playback engine.

This means that you can run hundreds more plugins simultaneously, as well as free your computer’s CPU for other tasks.

If you already have a SoundGrid network with SoundGrid I/Os, SoundGrid Connect lets you use your ASIO or Core Audio interfaces with the SoundGrid network.

Waves has details on SoundGrid Connect and examples of SoundGrid Network setups at their site.

11 thoughts on “Waves Introduces SoundGrid Connect, Which Lets You Run Your Plugins On A Network Server

    1. Two answers:

      1. No, Waves is selling the Soundgrid DSP server to you
      2. You can run “Soundgrid compatible” plguins from any manufacturer. Plugin Alliance are offering a Soundgrid bundle, other vendors are looking into it.

      1. I’ve done this with two computers running Ableton as well as MIDI-clock syncing Maschine on second computer. Need two audio interfaces.

  1. The application for this seems more geared toward large, multi-room studios or in a large live tour setup. Though maybe not as powerful or flexible (I mean being able to record to two DAWs simultaneously seems like a cool idea, but I’m not sure why I would do that), Vienna Symphonic Libraries’ Ensemble Pro 5/6 can do this quite well for my home studio needs. It allows me to run another computer on the network and run all my plug-ins from that machine saving CPU on my main machine for other chores. And I don’t need to buy a server, I can run it any old machine (basically) that’s networked (through Ethernet).

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