13 thoughts on “John Carpenter – Utopian Facade

  1. The sequencer and slow brass pads starting at 0:23 sounds a lot like the “Chariots” performance (P1:11) on the Roland JP-8000 / JP-8080.

  2. tron vs zombies?

    better than superman vs batman

    avengers civil war

    batman vs ozzy ozborne (think about it)

    and for last bambi vs godzilla

    stiring up strange thoughts

  3. He’s on tour at the moment, playing his classic themes and also a bunch of songs from these new albums. I have my tickets already.

  4. I assume the video was intentionally cheesy to suit the title of the song. I liked the track suit and the giant glowing phone case. “Here is your new iPhone 7+, honey.”

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