Artisan Electronic Instruments Ottava Analog Synthesizer & neuroRack Eurorack Modules


At Knobcon 2016, we talked with designer Michael Bachman about his Ottava analog synthesizer and neuroRack Eurorack synthesizer modules:

The Ottava Desktop Analog Performance Synthesizer is a two-oscillator monophonic synthesizer, with a 4-pole analog low-pass ladder filter, 4 LFO’s and 4 EG’s and patch storage.

The Ottava was designed with modular construction, so that the synth can easily be customized. The boards that make up the core of the Ottava can also be used in custom synth designs and Bachman even has plans for using them to build a polyphonic analog synth.

The neuroRack modules are Eurorack designs with some unique features, including per-module patch storage and system-wide patch storage.

Pricing and Availability

The Artisan Electronic Instruments Ottava analog synthesizer is available now for US $700. The neuroRack modules are under development and pricing and availability are to be announced.

5 thoughts on “Artisan Electronic Instruments Ottava Analog Synthesizer & neuroRack Eurorack Modules

  1. These are looking like a pretty solid buy. There aren’t really enough good demos of it yet, but this video has some pretty good little bits.

  2. This looks great and sounds great. The fact it has memories is a big deal and also a very clear cool lay out . Congratulations and I hope this does well . It deserves too.

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