Low-Gain Live Techno At Knobcon


Sunday Synth Jam: At Knobcon 2016, Low-Gain (Logan Erickson) performed a live improvised modular synth techno set:

Erickson also runs Low-Gain Electronics, which makes a selection of Eurorack and dotcom-compatible modules, TTSH builds and more.

5 thoughts on “Low-Gain Live Techno At Knobcon

  1. really enjoying this set. Lots of early Detroit influence, but with a more interesting sonic palette. Too bad there’s no video – I’d really like to see the modular performance aspect.

  2. I really like this set. Reminds me of early Plateau/Download. I’m curious how much of the drum sounds are coming from the TR-8. Definitely sound like some other drum stuff is going on, or is the TR-8 being processed?

    1. Drums consisted of TR-8 (processed through OTO Machines Biscuit), Vermona DRM-1 MK3 (Processed by TheSquarewaveParade MoleS20r, and SY-1 Syncussion Clone… outboard fx on Mackie 1402 were Eventide Timefactor *aux1* and Eventide Space *aux2*. Module consisted of 2 voice eurorack (Braids/E950) into SSF/WMD MMF Filter, A132 VCA, Maths for EG, Sequenced by Sputnik Programmer sequencers Quantized by SonicPotions Penrose, 0-coast sequenced by 2nd Sputnik Programmer sequencer, and Penrose Quantizer. 2nd modular system was 2 frames of original BugBrand (2 voices were patched) modules (being sequenced by my LunchBox Programmer/Quantizer). Everything was either being clocked or sequenced via the Arturia Beat Step Pro. Vermona DRM 1 midi on 8 pads, 2 trigger outs to Syncussion, 2 triggers out to Euro sequencers/EG’s, 1 trigger to LunchBox programmer, CV/Gate 1 to BugBrand.

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