Symplesound Intros FM Collection For Ableton Live

fm-collectionSymplesound has introduced FM Collection – a set of three new Ableton Live libraries – DX, 81Z, and Operator. 

The libraries, created by producer Francis Preve, are designed to make it easy to explore FM synthesis:

  • The DX library includes 10 velocity-multisampled instruments, based on the legendary Yamaha DX7, including its iconic electric piano, bass and marimba sounds.
  • The 81Z library focuses on 11 multisampled instruments that helped set the tone of the 90’s house and techno genres.
  • The Operator library offers bass, pad, lead and pluck instrument types, with a simple set of controls for harmonic spectrum, filtering, and specialized
    envelope controls.

Here’s the official video intro:

FM Collection Audio Demos:

Preve has shared additional background on the FM Collection at the Symplesound site.

Pricing and Availability

The FM Collection is available now, with introductory pricing (through Nov 1) of US $14.99 for the DX and 81Z libraries and $24.99 for the Operator library, or a bundle price of $49.99. A free loop collection based on the FM Collection is also available.

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