Iconic Synth Sounds On The Roland JD-XA

Gianni Proietti (Gattobus) has shared his collection of custom patches for the Roland JD-XA synthesizer as a free download.

Proietti demonstrates his patches in a pair of videos, which feature his JD-XA versions of iconic synth sounds. 

The video above demonstrates these patches:

0:08 – Sweet Dreams – Eurythmics
1:00 – Save a prayer – Duran Duran
1:46 – Orinoco Flow – Enya
2:23 – Radio Gaga – Queen
3:16 – Enjoy the silence – Depeche mode
4:08 – Chase – Giorgio Moroder
5:24 – Kelly watch the stars – Air
6:10 – Oxygene II – Jean Michel Jarre
7:50 – Around the world – Daft Punk
9:18 – On The Run – Pink Floyd

The second video demonstrates these patches:

0:05 Sirius – Alan Parson Project
1:04 Neverending Story – Moroder-Limahl
2:00 Uprising – Muse
2:40 Blade Runner End Titles – Vangelis
4:22 Air on G string – J.S.Bach – Wendy Carlos tribute
5:18 Shine on you crazy diamond (intro) – Pink Floyd
6:50 Da Funk – Daft Punk
7:35 Crockett’s theme – Jan Hammer
8:12 I hear you now – Vangelis
9:50 Die Roboter – Kraftwerk

The Roland JD-XA patch library is available as a free download.

10 thoughts on “Iconic Synth Sounds On The Roland JD-XA

  1. Granted, I’ve heard some of them as well, but it’s still quite amazing what that dude pulled off with that synthesizer; not to mention that the patches are freely available.

  2. Its a great sounding synth….horrible sequencer and dont like the interface much… but it sounds GREAT…especially for this stuff…

  3. Thoroughly enjoyed this, whilst I am no fan of Roland, I am impressed that they eschewed the idiocy of all things analogue and actually proceeded with their modelling technology which provides a greater palette of sound creation.

    1. In what way do Roland’s new modeling synths offer a greater palette of sound creation compared to the JD-XA? They simply don’t..

      1. I would require charts and graphs to explain it to you, however from Dave Smith to Paul Maddox, from Urs Heckman to Tatsuya Takahashi and countless others in the industry that have said time and time again, sound creation via digital synthesis is unlimited unlike analogue circuitry. That is a simple fact. Digital will surpass analogue sound creation in time, in fact with the right processors one can achieve that today, conversely you cannot say the same.

  4. Thank you, Gattobus! You are a true maestro of patch design! Thanks so much for sharing these amazing patches with the JD-XA community!!!

  5. ROLAND, what about the OS update for the JD-XA?

    – pattern changing not possible when sequencer running
    – no pattern chaining
    – arp not really properly syncable
    – sequences not transposable
    – limitation to 4 bars

    and many things more

    the JD-Xi can do most of it and even got new features like sidechaining pads now.

    Please care for the JD-XA users !!

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