Free Roland JD-XI Patch Editor


Linuxtech has released JDXi Manager, a free Windows controller/editor for the Roland JD-Xi synthesizer.

The JDXi Manager is currently available as a beta release. Currently only editing the Analog Synth of the JD-Xi is supported. The program should run fine on any version of Windows from XP onwards, 32 and 64 bit.

Some features already implemented include:

  • modern looking GUI with clear practical layout of controls
  • real-time control of all parameters
  • sliders can be controlled with the mouse scroll wheel (just place the mouse pointer anywhere over a slider and
  • scroll the mouse wheel up or down as required)
  • save/load patches to/from disk (when you load a patch from disk it will also be automatically loaded into the JD-Xi, not just in the editor)
  • eight octave piano keyboard feature using your PC keyboard (F1-F8 to select octave and Z,X,C,V,B,N,M for white keys and S,D,G,H,J for black keys, works also on German and French PC keyboard layouts, F9-F12 to select one of the four parts of the JD-Xi)
  • near instant two-way full patch synchronization between the editor and the edit buffer of the JD-Xi (‘Dump to’ and ‘Read from’ buttons)
  • resizable editor window to suit almost any screen size
    fully customizable colour scheme, fonts and size of controls (alternative customizable ‘skins’ will be made available)

via Stuart Perry

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