Batch Pro Lets You Automate Repetitive Audio File Operations

Digital Brain Instruments has released Batch Pro – a standalone application for Mac & Windows, developed for batch processing audio files.


  • process a large amount of files in one click
  • Wav, aiff, mp3
  • edit sampling rate, bit depth, pan, pitch, volume, file format
  • stereo/mono file conversion
  • hp/lp filter
  • process files through up to 4 plugins
  • real-time processing & recording
  • dry/wet preview
  • master plugin for analyzing purposes
  • preset manager

Batch Pro is available now for 49€.


5 thoughts on “Batch Pro Lets You Automate Repetitive Audio File Operations

  1. Though most of those functions can be achieved with other software, if this does what it promises well, it’s a welcome thing. I use DSP Quattro, which is pretty good, but not without it’s little limitations here & there.

  2. Hmm… looks decent but for an extra couple of $$$ I’d go for Myriad from Audiofile Engineering –

    It’s not that much more expensive and looks like it has WAAAY more options and a much nicer interface. I’ve been using it for quite some time now and I must say its one of the best purchases I have ever made for my studio.

    It is Mac only though so that’s a bit of a bummer… This looks decent if you’re on Windows! 🙂

  3. I just gave reaper batch conversion a whirl and it worked fine. Of course they are not the same – you can’t change pan or volume without a plugin and you can’t preview the effect – but for file format conversion Reaper works well.

    Much Kudos to Indie Developers all round!

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