New Instrument, Joué, Offers Modular Approach To MIDI Control (Sneak Preview)


The Joué is a new MIDI instrument that features a modular design, so you can customize the controls it offers on its playing surface.

The Joué is made of wood and features a blank pressure sensitive sensor, on which you can place a variety of modules, including piano keys, guitar strings, drums pads or 3D control surfaces. It connects to smartphones, tablets and computers using a USB cable.

It’s designed to be highly sensitive, allowing for natural gestures such as vibrato, bending, finger drumming and high velocity sensing. Each module can be configured using the Joué editor software. Once the module is tuned, the configuration is stored in the module itself allowing exchanges during a live performance.

Here’s a video intro of the latest Joué prototype:

Details on pricing and availability of the Joué MIDI controller are still to be announced.

12 thoughts on “New Instrument, Joué, Offers Modular Approach To MIDI Control (Sneak Preview)

    1. I know what you mean, but it’s an instrument and more specifically it’s specifically a controller. Kinda like what you call “instruments” are more specifically “sources.” Technically, they’re both instruments.

      1. Of course it is an intrument. I don’t think the headline was comparing it to a wrenge or some undefined tool. It implied “musical instrument”.
        It is not a musical instrument. It is a controller. Without the computer (or other sound source) it wouldn’t make the sound it is intended to.
        By the way, grammaton, I’m younger than that but that was a good one 😛

        1. No see in my opinion it IS a musical instrument. It’s an instrument and it’s intended purpose is to facilitate the creation of music. Sources sometimes have built-in controllers, but sources are not controllers and controllers are not sources. Yet, both are musical instruments.

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