Korg Monologue Analog Synthesizer Hands-On Demo


In this video, Sweetwater’s Daniel Fisher gives a hands-on demo of the Korg Monologue monophonic analog synthesizer.

Real-time performances of Monologue Programs start at 14:53:

Technical Details:

Fisher’s demo features a prototype of the Monologue. The synth is running on battery power and the audio out is going directly to the video camera’s audio input with no added effects.

Pricing and Availability

Korg’s Monologue will be available for pre-order starting November 1, 2016, for US $299.99, with an in-store date of January 9, 2017. To learn more visit the Korg website.

46 thoughts on “Korg Monologue Analog Synthesizer Hands-On Demo

  1. seems like arturia microbrute with same price,
    here is my remarks as microbrute owner

    better design
    better sequencer
    2 vco’s
    tiny oscilloscope 🙂

    overtone generator
    patch points
    brute factor

    so choose your weapon, i choose both 🙂

  2. I would be way more into it if they offered it as a module. I already have my dream MIDI controller, I don’t need a crummy one attached to an interesting synth. There are some great analog/knobby/poly modules on the market currently but not many analog/knobby/mono modules *with presets*. Heck, even if it was the same price I’d still be interested. I love my modualized “Skinibrute” but no presets and my DSI Evolver but matrix programming (ugh).

  3. I’m thinking of selling my Dewalt drill and buying a Makita. I used to have a Bosch and put my shelving in my kitchen up with it. I sold the bosch and will put the money i get from my dewalt and Bosch towards a makita- need to put some shelving up in the dining room. I wish Dewalt would make a 24v drill with lion battery then i could really put some shelving up much better and bigger than before!

  4. There are some pretty awesome rude bass tones coming from this thing that (unlike Brute Factor) can actually fit in a mix. I think Korg just introduced the coolest of the cheap little monosynths! I know I’ll pick up one of these – the only question in my mind is what colour!

  5. Will this (and does the Minilogue) have remote control / editing, via the MIDI or USB port ?
    – from an iOS App or Lemur, TouchOSC, CTRL, MIDIDesigner… ???

  6. Korg, very cheap, bad manufacturing. I am waiting for my Monotribe repair for 2 years with go and back to Korg after sell service. This time I pass.

  7. The Monologue will cost less money when I smash a synth at the end of every show. Although, it won’t be as dramatic as smashing a synth with 5 octaves of full size keys.* Up until now, I’ve been smashing Prophet 12s after lighting them on fire.

    *Kind of like the small Stone Henge coming down on stage and then having dwarfs dancing around it instead of the expected full scale version.

  8. I wrote an email to Tatsuya Takahashi’s team asking for a firmware update to the minilogue to allow for microtuning feature right after i got it a few months ago… here’s hoping that’s in the pipeline too for minilogue owners. It would make sense, surely??

    1. I can believe it! What a mental little instrument? And with microtuning too (probably the RDJ giveaway)? So pleased I didn’t purchase a Microbrute. Or a Novation Bassstation for that matter. And it also runs on batteries too?? I have serious WANT!

  9. This morning I was all Eh, but having looked over the features and seen this i’m convinced it’s is the best synth you could possibly get for $300. It looks so fun. Damn, did a Sweetwater demo just sell me on somethin? Korg buddy, I’m really liking you.

  10. First Korg ms-20 (NICE!) …then Korg ARP Odyssey (Wow and nice!)….and then this? :S

    Come on Korg, you can do that better!

  11. Btw, anyone else in the UK p@$$ed off about the price parity with dollars that shops are already quoting (£299) or as it is still competitive just suck it up?
    I’ve noticed that more than just a couple of shops now have Microbrutes at £229

  12. I love what kong are doing at the moment, This has a great price point, but from this demo (youtube compressions etc) sounds like ass.
    Please please please Korg, give us a full size multitimbral volca (style programming) FM synth.
    Preferably a desktop module for my taste, but i wouldn’t even grumble at mini keys.
    You nailed the Volca Fm, its time to go full size on that shit. Serious gap in the market there.
    Also, you may want to think about an FM drum machine, I’ve not come across one b4. Could be interesting.

  13. Well I’ve pre-ordered one and here’s why. First – although the presets suck – I can hear enough to determine that the underlying synthesis and tone generation is really capable. Second – it’s a great little controller size for my Moog mothers. Third – it’s an ideal size to use with the iPad – both as a controller and as a sound source. But most of all…. …..it comes in RED.

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