Yamaha Intros Vocaloid 4 Library ‘Cyber Songman’

yamaha-vocaloid-4-cyber-songmanYamaha has released a new voice library for its virtual vocalist application Vocaloid 4, Cyber Songman.

Vocaloid is a technology developed by Yamaha in 2003 that lets you create virtual vocals, by inputting words and melodies.  Cyber Songman is a new Voice Bank, developed especially for users in the English-speaking world.

This new Voice Bank is based on recorded sound parts taken from the singing of a native speaker from the United States and features American English pronunciation.

The vocal library also features a ‘Growl’ function, to create vocal affects common in blues and rock songs.

Here are the official audio demos:

Note: Cyber Songman is a Voice Bank product and requires a separate editor software such as the VOCALOID 4 Editor (Windows only) or VOCALOID 4 Editor for Cubase.

Pricing and Availability

Cyber Songman is available now for JPY 10,000.


10 thoughts on “Yamaha Intros Vocaloid 4 Library ‘Cyber Songman’

      1. in what currency?

        its like when in navy and go get the gal , you are not sure if you got a deal or rippped off because of exchange rate

        1. It says “JPY 10,000.” JPY = Japanese Yen, or ¥. Exchange rate *roughly* 100¥ = $1.00, but you’ll want to check XE dot com for the exact rate.

    1. I think that’s the point? It’s for when you want to do that sort of thing for some reason. Like an soundtrack commission for a hilariously ironic scene in a comedy film.

      On the other hand, there are a fair number of “top hits” on broadcast radio that sound just like these pieces. It’s the sound of contemporary pop.

      It is also useful as a placeholder track until you get a real vocalist in the booth.

      It has its uses.

      And from a technological standpoint, it’s completely amazing. On that second track it’s not obvious it’s an algorithm.

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