U-He Repro-1 Recreates The Sound Of A Sequential Circuits Pro-1 (Beta)

repro-1_beta_mainU-He has announced a pubic beta for Repro-1 – a software emulation of a vintage monosynth (Sequential Circuits Pro One).

They say that it recreates ‘all the raw personality and quirks of the original, but with a charm all of its own’.

Repro-1 follows in the footsteps of Diva, striving for authentic analogue sound, but attains new levels of accuracy using component-level modelling. U-He says that they worked hard to capture the behavior and the aggressive sound of the original, and then added a few extras, so Repro-1 fits in with modern workflows.

Pricing and Availability

U-He Repro-1 is available now as a beta release. See the U-He site for details.

20 thoughts on “U-He Repro-1 Recreates The Sound Of A Sequential Circuits Pro-1 (Beta)

  1. I like U-He’s developments and products, and they are certainly a higher tier product in terms of sound quality and replicating the sound of the original synths. However Urs seems to operate in a vacuum of sorts, the software is so taxing on the processors, there seems to be no restraint. I recently read in an interview that Heckman dreams of a day where processors are 10 times as capable as they are now. That day will come, yet unless he shows some restraint and makes the prudent compromises, there will never be enough processing power.

    1. What computer do you have? Are you runing windows? My diva runs flawlessly. Ok i can’t have 20 instances but two or three can be just enough.

    2. And Urs should show more respect to his customer base who generally have medium-power CPU’s.

      He should offer in-app setting options eg. Quality rendering, Oversampling (none, 2x, 4x… ), Maximum number voices… etc.

  2. I’m confused – what’s wrong with using the CPU… isn’t that what we want?

    Would you buy a Nord or a Waldorf and hope that 85% of its power is sitting idle?

    Who cares about dime-a-dozen shitty sounding soft synths..there are thousands for you to choose from.. don’t worry-your computer won’t even break a sweat.. we wouldn’t want that.

  3. Super Sound. i want to buy this. u-he did it again! Can somebody explain me if you bring in the resonance the volume is going down? Is this typical a behavior from the Repro-1 in 1982? I see it often with some synths and some not.

  4. I have a mid-range computer, which also means I have mid-range monitors. Thus, reducing the quality on Diva works just fine. And this new monosynth will be great – I put in a bass line or lead line, freeze it, and I’m done…

    Not to mention U-He’s dedication to its customer base. Anyone who owns all U-He plugins gets this for free! Far better than other companies that charge big up front and then a year later sell for way cheaper… This is how you build customer loyalty!

  5. Diva certainly used to be taxing, but isn’t really new days. I usually run 5+ instances on my i5 desktop without any issue. I think I could probably run 10 instances without any trouble. It also has online / offline quality settings so no drama.

    The repro Alpha ran the 5 filter models simultaneously so people couldn’t see which model was the most taxing.

    The beta and final variant only run one filter model so it’s considerably less work on cpu

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