Behringer DeepMind 12 Patch Demo

Behringer shared this video, which offers a sneak preview of a collection of patches developed by JD73 (Dan Goldman) for the DeepMind 12 analog synthesizer. 

For more on the DeepMind 12, see our hands-on demo video with Rob Belcham, who is the lead engineer; discussion about the origin of the DeepMind 12 with Pete Sadler, Project Lead; and audio demos from Knobcon.

44 thoughts on “Behringer DeepMind 12 Patch Demo

  1. It doesn’t generally please my ears so far I’m sorry to say, there are sweet spots and I enjoyed the playing but kept imagining a better synth under those fingers. Reminds me of the Minilogue…feature rich but lacking soul.. You pays your money etc..

  2. I can not help but think that Behringer could have cleaned up if they had started the build-up four weeks before product release, the whole point about hyperbola is to grab people and shake their wallet free before they know what they are doing.
    Three months ago I might have bought one of these, today I’ve realised that I don’t need one and a Roland Integra 7 would better serve me. I’m not saying the Roland is a better bit of kit but common sense has kicked in and emotion has been washed down the sink along with the hype and the inevitable filter sweep…whoosh.

    1. With various other releases that were happening (and are happening), it makes sense that Behringer wanted potential buyers to hold off on other purchases (like a Minilogue). They needed to hype pretty hard and pretty early.

  3. The more I hear the more I apreciate it’s high quality Virtual Instrument tones…. Something quite Roland phantomy maybe in parts. x

  4. Im getting a feeling that a delay is coming and this wont be released in 2016 after all.. or if it is, there will be bugs and issues and lack of supply and it will be backordered for months…

    which isnt a good impression for a flagship product

    1. jdxa is ugly, aira is ugly, every synth hartmann ever designed is ugly (besides the 20 which looks like an apple product from 10y ago) but this looks rather neutral not beautiful but neutral

    2. They probably weren’t worried about it too much since there are already much cooler looking synths to use as stage props in your Instagram feed. #moog #vintage #analog #synthesizer

    1. Probably has a bit to do with the programming of the funk/soul patches… no space music in this video. Testament to the flexibility of the DM12’s synth engine.

  5. I think the top part of the screen would be better used display Osc1 & Osc2 wave shapes. I don’t think LFO wave-shape should take up 60% of the available space.

  6. I found this demo a bit boring. If it were the only demo that was available for this synth, I would have passed on it. However, I have already pre-ordered it mostly due to the demo on the Sweetwater site and the Sonic State patch creation demo. I guess this particular video is aimed at a different demographic. I guess Behringer is trying to steal away some potential Clavia customers with this one.

  7. I was already sold but these patches un-sold me a bit. In fact, most of the patches I have heard sound like fritzy accidents on my modular, not stage ready solid classics or their derivatives.

  8. Though i am not into this kind of music, the sounds are AMAZING. Best analog E piano sounds (like in the other demo) i’ve heard in a long time.
    Great stuff – really deep synth !

  9. You almost get excited to hear “Analog” sounds and then it happens …. they play Clavs!!!! Any synth can do clavs, it just doesn’t showcase anything a synth can do, so I’m always puzzled and irritated when it happens. Oohhhh, let’s see if we can do a clav sound on a . Why, yes you can sir, because even a crappy synth can do a clav. This synth can do so much more.

  10. This synth hasn’t displayed any character of its own whatsoever up to now.
    These sounds could be off any synth hard or soft, yet people here still rejoice it sounds beautiful and talk of them cracking it with a cheap analog poly and are still venomous towards anything daring to offer less features for a price, (other than super cheap non modular stuff)….
    to my mind and ears all korg and behringer prove with these “breakthroughs” is why expensive voices are expensive…. for the opposite reasons shown here. You get what you pay for. It’s clear most people thrive on cheap gear blind to quality (at a price). That said, i seriously want to be proven by wrong at some point.

  11. 9/10ths of the sonic territory comes from the effects and modulation matrix.

    The raw sonic sources are only square/pulse, triangle and saw waves. Bread & butter… Meat & potatoes generic synth source waves.

  12. +++ BREAKING NEWS +++

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    User Bullethead at MPC Forums:
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    User funkycoldmedina at MPC Forums:
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    This is huge IMO. Synthtopia should make a posting out of it.

    1. Replying to your last sentence: “This is huge”.
      Your posting is huge and out of topic. Don’t mind MPC news post in another context (could´nt care less about MPC news actually)
      but don’t be a rogue and mess up the discussion you’re in now.

  13. You know it’s a good piece of gear when it draws so much negativity. The more the uninformed hate I read in the comments is directly proportional to how amazing it will be. Mother-32, Minilogue, Modal, and now this.

    1. Strange analogy tbh, I’d have agreed if people where complaining about it being too expensive but this is the opposite…. nobody wants it to be rubbish and surely it won’t be, but I think people are tired of being constantly over SOLD everywhere they look. I like to make my own mind up rather than being told something’s great. A simple demo of sounds before release is a much more intelligent way to behave and generates more respect from me. But still we can’t go try one.

      Being pessimistic and on guard is human nature, it goes back to primitive times when we where living in constant fear of being eaten or pillaged 🙂 it’s not much different today. x

      1. Being overexposed to this ad campaign is totally your choice. No one is shoving youtube demos down your throat. If you don’t want to watch them.. don’t. Every ad for any product is going to tell you it’s great and you should buy it.

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